Sunday, July 9, 2017

ICYMI: Stuff To Read Edition (7/9)

Yeah, I'm short a clever title this week, but I'm not short worthwhile pieces for you to read. Here we go.

On Global Teacher Prize Winner Maggie MacDonnell and What Humility Looks Like

Jose Luis Vilson talks to prize-winner MacDonnell, and we're all a little better for it. This will make you feel a little better about the work.  

Utica Charter School Allegedly Required Salary Tithe

How about yet another story about the Gulen charter chain, just in case you think this use of charter schools to funnel US tax dollars into the coffers of an exiled Turkish leader was old news. Nope. Still happening.

KIPP Schools Collected Millions in Unallowable Fees

The folks who run KIPP are millionaires, but the parents of KIPP students still get hit up for what turn out to be probably-illegal contributions. Tell me the part again about how charters do more with less.

Reform Lessons From Skeptical But Not Cynical Veterans

A winner from Larry Cuban

Has The Charter Movement Gone Awry

Apparently the discussion of the new "let's just get rid of charter accountability" book is going to drag on forever. Grab some popcorn.

The Lie; The Reply

I know you'll find this hard to believe, but there's a charter school operator in Ohio who is a big fat liar.

Beware of School Voucher Doublespeak

I'm not sure this is exactly doublespeak, but here's the NEA with an actually-useful explainer for certain voucher terminology

Charter School Refusal To Admit Students Lacking Uniforms Wasn't Its First

A NOLA charter decides that homeless students who don't come in their proper uniforms should be ejected. And they've apparently done it more than once  

CBS News Voucher Story

Yes, CBS news manages to actually catch the effect of the DeVosian voucher plan on rural schools.

Mayoral Control and Mayoral Responsibility

New York is looking at, well, the first of those again, and Daniel katz takes a look at the issues involved.

The History of Ed Tech: What Went Wrong

Audrey Watters answers the question. See what you think of her answer.

Chris Christie, The Beach, and Our Leaders' Massive School Funding Hypocrisy 

Jersey Jazzman attacks all three topics, and it's worth reading twice.

Why do we think poor people are poor because of their own bad choices?

Tip of the hat to Blue Cereal Education, a look at the psychological theorizing behind why we blame poor people for being poor.

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