Sunday, February 16, 2020

ICYMI: Discount Chocolate Edition (2/16)

Well, sure-- what else does one do after Valentines Day except shop for deep discounts on chocolate! While you're eating irresponsibly, here's some reading from the week. Remember to share.

School choice detrimental to public schools

A guest op-ed from a state senator in the Sun Prairie Star suggesting that choice is bad for Wisconsin.

Privatizing Oakland Schools  

The Black Agenda Report takes a look back at Eli Broad's plan to privatize Oakland schools. It's  not pretty.

Coaching and Parent Politics

From a blog called Friday Night Wives, a look at the problems parents are causing in the world of school sports coaching.

Crumbling Schools, Dismal Outcomes  

Alexander v. Holmes was supposed to change everything for Southern black children; this article looks at how that isn't happen.

Ed department calls charter backers "desperate"  

Matt Barnum at Chalkbeat outlines the blowback from charter boosters who, it turns out, can be just as ugly to their former allies as they are to the rest of us. They are not taking the new budget proposal well, and the ed department is not saying "sorry."

Male teachers of color make a difference at Memphis schools  

USA today looks at how-- well, the headline tells it. A good look at how the isue is playing out in one city.

"If we don't learn from this one, shame on us"

The story of a Detroit charter that was set up to aio. A good explanation of why charter advocates ought to want regulation, and how DeVos-backed policies hurt students in Michigan.

The neoliberal misrepresentation of Indianapolis K-12 history

At Cloaking Inequity, a rebuttal to the recent reformy tale of Indianapolis ed history.

The temptation of training teachers

Adam Laats has another history lesson, looking at the history of the notion that we can train teachers in one effective teaching system and all will be well.

NJ Charters can't have it both ways

Charter history includes a lot of time spent in courtrooms arguing that charters are whatever it's most expedient for them to be. (Public? Private? Which one lets us kep our money?) Jersey Jazzman looks at the most recent version of the Both Ways argument, currently being put forward by New Jersey charters

Redefining reading achievement creates problems

Nancy Bailey looks at the odd assertion that, these days, children need to be taught to read sooner. For some reason.

The effective classroom. Do you know it when you see it?

Nancy Flanagan looks at the notion that just looking at a classroom will tell you everything you need to know about it.

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