Sunday, February 9, 2020

ICYMI: Ice Edition (2/9)

It's the weekend of our b ig ice carving festival here in town, and the weather is perfect. There are cool sculptures to see, and it's the perfect festival for people who don't like crowds because nobody wants to stand around in the cold. And the Board of Directors has a lovely time.

In the meantime, here is some reading from the week.

Nashville Art School Will Purge Non-Christian Faculty

A religious university took over the school; now to root out all those non-believers.

Agassi scores again with $61 million charter school sale

A reminder that for some folks, the charter biz is just about making in real estate. Just like flipping houses, only more profitable.

He stood up against a school takeover. The Democratic Party threw him out.

From Rochester, a reminder that plenty of Dems are not the friends of public education.

Top-down teacher evaluation models are flawed.

I don't know that I agree with all of this, but I'll pass it along for this one line: "most of the time teachers are on their own. Most of the improvements they generate emanate from their own self-evaluation. By miles."

Learning "useless" things in school is (usually) not useless.

Learning Scientists with a great explanation of why not everything in school is about some obviously utilitarian purpose.

Dress codes are the new "whites only" signs.

Andre Perry at Hechinger Report responds to the latest round of racist-as-hell moves by schools to enforce dress and hair codes.

Bradenton school refuses "homosexual" parents

News continues to roll in from Florida, where the legislature is committed to spending pulic tax dollars on schools that discriminate against LGBTQ folks.

Schools trial body cameras

In England, another creepy leap forward for the surveillance state-- body cameras on teachers. Great. Just great.

Dallas and Tulsa: A Tale of two blockchains

Wrench in the Gears travels to Dallas and Tulsa and lays out some more bout the world of human capital investment. With many useful charts.

A Room Is Enough

One of those great moments in teaching, courtesy of the JLV.

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