Sunday, March 4, 2018

ICYMI: Technical Difficulties Edition (3/4)

Technology is great, except when it isn't. All I can say is, the next time I need to replace or upgrade equipment, I think I may finally be ready to convert to a Mac.

Meanwhile, here's some reading for the week.

Palantir Predictive Policing Tool

If you want to take a look at how frighteningly Big Brothery data mining can become, take a look at this predictive system for high-tech profiling and pre-policing (a la Minority Report) that is already here.

Why Hardening Schools Hasn't Stopped School Shootings

Some folks keep talking as if school security still looks like 1965, when in fact, schools have ben "hardening" since Columbine. Here's a look at why it hasn't helped.

Proficiency-Based Education Is Failing Maine Students

Not from an education blogger, but from a mainstream outlet. Maine has ben set up to be an experimental proof of concept for PBE (or CBE or whatever you want to call it this week). It's not working.

Six Things My Students Have Taught Me

It's a good list.

New Report on California Charter Waste

Jan Ressenger with a quick look at a new report on just how bad the charter picture is in California.

WV Teacher Strike

This story just keeps going, as the state legislature decided they would go ahead and trim the deal that the governor made. Keep watching this state.

What's Behind the NY End Run around Teacher Certification?

A deeper look at SUNY's attempt to lower standards for charter teachers.

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