Sunday, August 27, 2017

ICYMI: New Year Edition (8/27)

This coming Tuesday, the kids are back in our local schools. In the meantime, here's some Sunday reading for you. Remember pass along what speaks to you. Everyone can amplify voices.

Dear Teachers Who Teach My Black Child

More good practical advice for the white teacher of black children

Can We Talk about How Many White Women There Are in School

Yes, here I am linking to Education Post. But this is a thought-provoking article, even if you disagree.

Who Is the Ideal Teaching Candidate

You really should be reading Nancy Flanagan every week. But just in case you missed this week, here's a dead-on look at selecting teachers.

Educational Malpractice

John Warner checks out one more canned writing program. It's not good.

The Worst Argument for Charter Schools

Jersey Jazzman with another look at bad ways to cheer for charters

Why Aren't We Talking about This

Emily Talmadge started her teaching career in the New York charter scene, and she reminds us just how bad that is/

Back to School Once More

Mary Holden has some thoughts about how to hold on to teachers.

What Happened To All the Teachers

Jeff Bryant notes that this mystery has been cropping up again lately-- and it's really not a mystery at all.

Be Glad for Our Failure To Catch China in Education

From Psychology Today, a look at China's disastrous education system, and why we should be glad we've failed to imitate it.

The Biggest Difference Between Private, Charter and Public Schools Is Not Test Scores-- It's Marketing

Jack Schneider has a new book out about measuring school quality, and here's an excerpt.

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