Tuesday, August 8, 2017

ICYMI: Vacation Edition (88)

My family's vacation, that is.

But here are some of the worthy reads from last week. Read and share

The Death of Recess

People keep writing excellent pieces about why the shift away from r4ecess for littles is a huge mistakes. As the father of two fresh new littles, I'm going to keep passing along those pieces until the message sinks in to the numbskulls who want to stamp out recess to make room for academics.

What's Wrong with Donald Trump's School Choice Ideas?

What those critics really mean by "government schools."

Close Reading Is Child Abuse

Mind you, what we're calling close reading these days isn't, really. But here's an argument against it.

KIPP- More Rhetoric in the Absence of Evidence 

Paul Thomas dismantles some charter claims

ALEC's Attack on Public Education: A Report From the Front Lines

From a man who's been to all those ALEC meetings. It's as bad as you think.

Screens in School a Massive Hoax\

A fairly brutal attack on the use of computers in school

Forming the Curriculum

Food for thought about curriculum and content

Why Journalists Shouldn't Write about Education

Paul Thomas again, responding to Dana Goldstein's off-the-mark piece about writing.

Three Myths About Reading Levels

Psychology Today takes a shot at those damned reading levels.

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