Sunday, September 27, 2020

ICYMI: Hanging In There Edition (9/27)

Well, that was another week. Just keep trying to avoid being crushed by what feels like a physical increase in the air pressure over the entire country. Here's the list. And I'll remind you-- share the stuff that speaks to you. Everyone is an amplifier.

Give Teachers Status and Stacks of Money 

Lee Childs, the author of the Jack Reacher books, has some thoughts about how teachers ought to be treated. They are nice thoughts.

No Teachers, But Making Millions 

A look at Prenda schools, yet another attempt to get rid of those dumb, salary-wanting teachers and cash in big time on providing an education-flavored product.

3rd Grade Reading Laws Are Harmful 

Stefanie Fuhr takes a guest turn at Nancy Bailey's blog to remind us of something that should be repeated daily-- those laws that retain 3rd graders who don't pass the reading test are bad laws, and they are doing bad things.

DeVos Investigated for Hatch Act Violation

Politico has the details on how DeVos got herself in trouble this time.

Jeff Bezos wants to start a school for kids whose families are underpaid by people like Jeff Bezos

Anand Giridharadas says this is a crash course in why generosity is no substitute for justice.

EdWeek looks at all the relief that still isn't coming, and the growing frustration with same.

You mat recall that Chalkbeat ran a story showing how GreatSchools ratings have racism and classism baked in. Now Chalkbeat reports on their attempt to fix that problem. Score one for Matt Barnum.

The indispensable Mercedes Schneider says that signs show Gates still hasn't let this drop. C'mon Bill.

Andy Hargreaves and Michael Fullan are talking about Canada here, but you'll recognize all the issues they bring up.

An editorial from the Hechinger Report calls on the feds to get off their butts. Good luck with that.

Can critical thinking be taught? Daniel Willingham has some ideas, and they're thought-provoking on their own.

Arthur Camins at the Daily Koss with a call to focus on what really matters.

Steven Singer shows just how bad the on-line platform really is (spoiler alert: pretty damn bad)

An article at the Regulatory Review takes a look at a paper tracing the way business management techniques have bled into education with less-than-optimal results.

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