Sunday, December 30, 2018

ICYMI: Arbitrary Marker Of Time's Inexorable Passage Edition (12/30)

Yeah, I'm not big on the whole New Year celebratory thing. I will occasionally give in to the urge to do an end-of-year/beginning-of-year style post, but sometimes I think it's just as well to keep on keeping on. So here's this week's batch of worth-your-while readings.

Beware Silcon Valley Santas in the School

Michelle Malkin and I share little in the way of either style or beliefs, but if you want to see how the same hard-right folks who hated Common Core are now coming out swinging against Personalized [sic] Learning, here you go.

Charter School Cash Spent in Connecticut Elections

Man, democracy is just so inconvenient. Hence the periodic attempts to smother it under piles of money, like the last election cycle in Connecticut. Here's who came to play.

12 Educational Headlines You Probably Won't See in 2019

Short, but cute.

Homework App Worth Three Billion

If you want to see what education looks like when it's been stripped of all actual education and reduced to simply the appearance of education, the Chinese are the folks to follow.

 The Waltons and Their Charter-Choice “Inroads”: Making Strategic Purchases 

Oh, those wacky Waltons.


Mary Holden left the classroom, and then she came back. Here's a lovely seasonal piece about what she's grateful for.

About That Nephrologist On DeSantis Transition Team

You may remember that we looked at Florida's governor-elect and his transition team for the dismantling of public education. A couple of those names were mysterious, but here's one figured out.

Asking If Early Childhood Education Is Worth It Is The Wrong Question

This is a ball I refuse to take my eye off of.

Arne Duncan Still Pushing Privatization

Nancy Bailey takes a look at Duncan's most recent attempt to push the same old baloney.  


  1. Re: the WaPo early childhood article: Great, just what we need is more Harvard "experts" spending beau-coup bucks reinventing the wheel. I'm sure Harvard has Piaget and Dewey and Montessori in their library somewhere, no? Why don't these "experts" check out some of those books and spend the money for their "study" implementing those ideas for all children?

  2. Headline article:

    "Cory Booker in Iowa: I'll Keep Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary"

    I wouldn't entirely be surprised if that were to happen. After all, Booker and DeVos don't fundamentally disagree. They're both all about privatization. The only thing Booker probably doesn't like about DeVos is that she's not diplomatic about it.

    And, honestly, PARCC for dogs? Would that really be surprising? If they could find a way to mandate it (maybe require it in order to get a license?), I'm pretty sure the testing services and the politicians would be all over it.

  3. Sorry to spam you - last comment, I promise. I share your general opinion of Michelle Malkin but, like a broken clock, damn if she isn't right this time. Nice to see the right wing can get this one right without going off on gay commies.