Sunday, December 16, 2018

ICYMI: Sleeping In Edition (12/16)

Since you don't get the whole day to read through the list, I'll keep things relatively short.

The Cautionary Tale of Correspondence Schools

Some edu-history of an oft-forgotten chapter with interesting implications for modern reform ideas like personalized [sic] learning. A long read, but an fascinating one.

Christmas Time: A Minefiield for Teachers

Nancy Flanagan reminds us why the holiday season is extra fraught for those who work in classrooms.

School Choice Deception

One more way that Florida insures that students with real needs will get no real help.

Die Hard

Life is not an action movie. Don't arm teachers.

2018: What Happened To The Year of the Teacher?

Hey, wasn't this supposed to be our year? Steven Singer figures out what exactly happened.

Shut Up, Bloggers

The rhetorical approaches bio silencing dissent.

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