Sunday, June 24, 2018

ICYMI: It's Actually Summer Edition (6/24)

All right-- summer is actually technically here, and most everyone has finally finished their school year. That means it's time to start reading up on the issues. Remember to share what you see here that speaks to you.

DC Public Schools Go From Success Story To Cautionary Tale

Remember when DC schools were supposed to be a proof of concept for so many reform ideas? Almost everyone has finally with the man behind the curtain who isn't wearing any clothes behind the smoke and mirrors. This is a good summary of how this particular baloney was made.

If This Is The End of Average

Daniel Willingham with a brief but clear explanation of why personalized learning can't deliver on what it promises.

Charter Schools Are Whiter Than Nearby Districts

From Hechinger Report, some more data showing how charters are creating more segregation in the USA.

Pennsylvania Cyber Charters Consistently Receive Poor Academic Scores

Yet again, evidence that cyber in Pennsylvania simply aren't delivering what they promised.

How The Texas Testing Bubble Popped 

This is the first in a series of stories that actually ran in 2014, but it's a well-reported series that both shows why standardized testing deserved its bad rap, and how some folks stood up to it.

The Gates Sort Of Admits That Its Teacher Evaluation Dreams Were Baloney

Yes, I paraphrased that title a bit, but you get the idea. Once again, the Gates learns everything about its past failures except its own mistakes.

Childhood Captured

A look at one of the scary things happening in the Pre-K space. More profits for companies; less worthwhile education for children.

Boston Schools Chief Resigns After Lawsuit Says District Shared Student Data With ICE

Need one more example of how badly things can go south in the era of school district data mining? Here you go.  

It's Just Not Funny Anymore

Bruce Baker reflects on our continued unwillingness to do what we know works.

Finally, I wrote this week about why the proposed labor-education merger strikes me as a terrible idea. Nancy Bailey is also not a fan, and she explains why. Jan Ressenger also explains why it's a lousy idea. And Neal McClusky of the libertarian Cato Institute is not a fan, either. 

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