Sunday, May 7, 2017

ICYMI: May Flowers Edition

Here's some reading from the week. Share what you like. Remember, everyone can be an amplifier.

Why Would School Choice Improve Outcomes

Frederik DeBoer offers a spirited and snappy takedown of choice, including, among other many fine lines, this one: There’s no secret book titled “Actually Good Pedagogy” that only charter schools get to buy.

Education Is an End In Itself, Not a Preparation for the Workplace

If you somehow missed this when it was flying around sparking all sorts of conversations, here it is.

You're Not Going To Believe

Not about education exactly, except it totally is. The Oatmeal, one of the internet's finest internet comics, takes on the Backfire Effect and looks at how we resist certain types of information.

The Broken Promises of New York City Schools

How New York's attempt to use choice to open up top schools for students in poor neighborhoods has just not done the job.

Can We Trust Policymakers To Make Good Decisions for Schools

Nancy Flanagan looks at policymakers' sad track record on delivering on good policy ideas.

Big News From Houston

There were not one, but two big decisions this week in Texas courts. Together they seriously cut support out from under the whole notion of using student test scores to evaluate teachers. Read the above link to Vamboozled first, then read about the second decision.

School Choice-- Addressing Safety

Russ Walsh looks at the newest issue coming to the fore of choice-charter discussions-- safety.

Corporate Education Reform

Jacobin magazine holds up Dwight Evans as one more example of why Democrats are not necessarily any more trustworthy than the GOP when it comes to school reform

Where Have All the Black Teachers Gone

Jennifer Berkshire, Jack Schneider, and guest Terrenda White talk about the answer to this important question in the latest edition of the podcast Have You Heard.

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