Sunday, May 28, 2017

ICYMI: Memorial Day Weekend Edition (5/28)

The best read of the week was actually an eight-part series at Slate about cyber schooling, and that's so important that I gave it its own post. So if you haven't caught that yet, you can find the posts laid out here. 

And for reasons to cast a careful eye on that series, read this piece from Wrench in the Gears.

In the meantime, here's the rest of your reading selections. Remember to post, tweet, promote and otherwise amplify the work of the writers you support. It's a way that everyone can help shape the conversation.

Trump Budget Would Abandon Public Education for Private Choice

How the Trump/DeVos education program looks to a law professor (spoiler alert: not good).

Five Startling Things Betsy DeVos Just Told Congress

There was a lot to process in the DeVos testimony at the top of the week. Here Valerie Strauss lays out the five most striking things that came out of DeVos's mouth.

Who Is Behind the Assault on Public Schools

Howard Ryan at the independent Socialist magazine takes a look at what, exactly, has been driving the assault on public education.

Don't Like Betsy DeVos? Blame the Democrats.

Diane Ravitch in the New Republic with a little history lesson to remind us how Democrats bear some of the blame for Betsy DeVos and her policies.

Why Do Billionaires Care So Much About Charter Schools

Harold Meyerson in the LA Times talking about why folks like Eli Broad just have to get their fingers in the charter pie. You have to love a piece that ends with this line:

Pure of heart though some of them may be, the charter billionaires have settled on a diagnosis, and a cure, that focuses on the deficiencies of the system’s victims, not the system itself. How very comforting for them.

Personalized Learning Pathways and the Gig Economy

How not really getting an education dovetails nicely with growing up to not really get a job.

What Betsy DeVos Calls Education Transformation Is Actually Public Theft

Jeff Bryant walks us through what DeVos is actually telling us, and what's she's telling us is that she's going to turn education over to privateers.

The TFA Top-Ten Listers: Where Are They Now?

Remember when ten TFA-ers went on Letterman to say why they became a teacher? That was four years ago. Gery Rubinstein checked to see how their teaching careers are coming along.

The Facts about Charter School Finances in Camden, NJ

Jersey Jazzman is actually continuing his series about how University of Arkansas screwed up its study, but this segment also has some larger implications.

The New York Times on the "Little-Known Statistician" Who Passed

Audrey Amslein-Beardsley on the passing of William Sanders, the inventor of VAAS. 


Betsy DeVos has brought Robert Eitel in to "right-size" the Department of Education. His previous experience is running a fraudulent for-profit university. Jennifer Berkshire and Christopher Crowley look at all the bad signs here.

Death by a Thousand Retirements

Marie Corfield passes on her speech from a retirement dinner that saw 800 years of educational experience head out the door. 

I Am Done-- I Hope Public Education Is Not

Thomas Ultican, friend of this blog, is retiring, and he offers some reflections on what he's been through in his career.

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