Sunday, May 14, 2017

ICYMI: Mother's Day Edition (5/14)

Time for another batch of reading. I know I sound like a broken record, but when you read something you like, share it, pass it along, help add to its reach. 

How Google Took Over the Classroom

The New York Times takes a close look at how Google took over the classroom-- and what price we all may be paying.

Don't Put Efficiency in School Ahead of Other Goals

Andy Smarick in US News once again applying some thought to consideration of reformy policy ideas.

Attrition in Denver Charter Schools

Jersey Jazzman comes through once again with the data, researched and laid out in clear form. This time it's the Denver charter schools, recently held up as an example of charter "success." Let's see what the secret of their success is, shall we?

The War on Education as Public Good

Wendy Lecker with another great set of insights on the assault on Public Education

We Are Teaching Kids How To Write All Wrong and No Mr Miyagis Rote Lesson Won't Help a Bit

A great response to that piece from the previous week that made all of us who teach writing snap our pencils in half.

Remembering Benjamin Barber

I have a Barber quote sticky-noted to my monitor. Jan Ressenger with a look at why he's important to remember.

Explaining the Persistence of Inadequacy

Jack Schneider and Ethan Hutt take a look at the history of achievement testing, and why we keep doing it even though it doesn't work particularly well.

Eleven Ways Chicago Is the Beating Heart of the Disastrous Charter School Agenda

A good look at how Chicago is, well, the beating heart of the disastrous charter school agenda

99% of Students Handcuffed in School by NYPD Were Black or Hispanic

The headline tells you the bulk of the story, but there are more details in the reporting.

Dear Bethune-Cookman 2017 Grads, Thank You For Telling Betsy Devos “Nah”

There were many responses to Betsy DeVos's ill-considered commencement gig, but this was by far my favorite.

Rich, Clueless Reformsters Whine About Bloggers

All right, not the actual title of Sarah Lahm's piece, but it captures the gist. This is a well-documented look at what sorts of folks are determined to help themselves to money and power in Minnesota, and the masks they wear to do it.

Relay Graduate School, Librarians, and the Effort To Make Our Public Schools "Future Ready"

From Seattle, another look at how charterizing from within can work.

What School Policy Do Conservatives Really Want 

Adam Laats runs the awesomely-named I Love You But You're Going To Hell, where he interprets conservatives for those who don't speak the language. But he's also a historian in his day job-- here he is at the History News Network considering if conservatives are really getting what they want under Trump.

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