Sunday, August 28, 2016

ICYMI: End of August Edition

Apparently this week it's mostly (though not all) about charters and the corrupting power of money. As always, I'll remind you that if you like any of these pieces, share them, post them, and pass them along. That's how people learn what's happening.

School Takeovers Leave Parents without a Voice in Education

A Michigan news station takes a look at how ed reform systematically strips parents (and community members) of voice in schools and communities.

Who Profits from a Broken School Narrative?

From SF Public School Mom comes a quick, clear look at who has reason to keep insisting that schools are in big trouble.

Stop Close Reading 

This is actually an old post, but it is a sharp pushback against the close reading craze.

The Sick Consequences of Competition in Education

What happens when charter schools are actually real estate scams, and why we need to stop treating charter scandals as outliers.

How the Charter School Lobby Is Changing the Democratic Party

From Harold Meyerson at the LA Times-- how big charter money is messing with the Democratic Party

StudentsMatter Is Millions in Debt from the Vergara Lawsuit Yet It Keeps on Suing

The indispensable Mercedes Schneider digs into the records and comes up with the money trail for the astroturf group behind the Vergara lawsuit (and a few others as well).

Bill Gates Has Spent $440 Million To Push Charter Schools

From a year ago, but somehow appropriate in this week's list. Mostly just a list of all the places Gates has spent money to push charter schools.

Personalized Learning, Surveillance and Counterinsurgency within the State-Finance Matrix

As the title might suggest, this is not necessarily a sexy or entertaining read, nor is it always easy going. But it's a pretty thorough look at how the Competency Based Education and computerized personalized learning may fit into the context of the surveillance state.

Why Black Men Quit Teaching

From today's NYT, an op-ed from Christopher Emdin about how not to get more black men in the classroom.

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  1. Wow, the personalized learning article by Timothy Scott is very comprehensive and interesting. And scary.