Sunday, November 15, 2015

ICYMI: Sunday Reading from the Interwebs

Some reading for your Sunday afternoon leisure (if you have such a thing)

The Investment

Jose Vilson went to New Jersey to talk to teachers there. This is a piece of what he had to say.

EngageNY Math, Now Eureka, a Common Core Dropping

One feisty teacher's journey into the land of pre-packaged, not-so-great math curriculum.

Plutocrats in Plunderland

Many of us took a swipe at the TeachStrong rollout this week. This piece gives us a good look at some of the connections being worked behind the curtain.

I also recommend this take on TeachStrong from Daniel Katz.

The Strange, True Story of How a Chairman at McKinsey Made Millions of Dollars off His Maid

This piece from The Nation is not directly related to education. But it is a well-researched story about corruption in New York and how the folks in the 1%  just kind of roll over the rest of us. If you've been following the reformster world, you know the name McKinsey, the consulting group responsible for growing so much of the reformster careers. Here's a good hard look at just what sort of people we're talking about.

Dear Mark

Emily Talmage is a Maine blogger with an interesting story. As an Amherst grad she fell into the arms of Teach for America, and then decided that she's like to be a real teacher. But before Amherst, she prepped at Phillips Exeter, where her time overlapped with that of Mark Zuckerberg. Here she is, writing a letter to her old classmate about his sudden interest in "personalized" learning.

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