Sunday, November 29, 2015

ICYMI: Some Sunday Edureads

It will be a quickie this week-- I have both of my children home and a grandson's birthday party to attend!

Eva Moskowitz Cannot Help Herself

Daniel Katz provides one of the best overviews of Moskowitz's ongoing meltdown. A study in how privilege, money and power can make you blind to how you're behavior is playing in the real world.

How Twisted Early Childhood Education Has Become

Early childhood ed has arguably been more badly damaged by reformsters than any other segment of the education biz. Sometimes it helps to have someone take a step back, show how far off track we have gotten, and help you realize you're not crazy for thinking we're getting early childhood ed completely wrong at this point.

Competency Based Ed: The Culmination of the Common Core Agenda

A good collection of the many pieces and points of view springing up as CBE becomes the newest topic of the education debates.

Five Perspectives on Student Fragility

At Psychology Today, Peter Gray has been running a series about the increasing fragile nature of our students, including theories about the source. This latest installment is interesting because it includes the many, many reactions from various stakeholders in that discussion.

Are You Being Served?

Nobody combines humor and actual journalism better than Jennifer Berkshire at Edushyster. Here's a look at the facts of which students Boston charter schools are actually serving.

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