Sunday, August 1, 2021

ICYMI: August Already Edition (8/1)

Well, that was quick. But here we are, counting down to a new school year. In the meantime, here's some new reading from the week.

Will fewer Black students come back to school this fall?

Adam Laats in the Washington Post provides some useful historical perspective on this question.

Why school boards are now hot spots for nasty politics

Stephen Sawchuk at Ed Week looking at the spreading network of anti-"crt" politicking groups and money.

Excellence vs. Winning

Nancy Flanagan takes a look at some of the attitudes and ideas that have surfaced as everyone offers an opinion about Simone Biles.

Industry lobbying firm rushed to defend charter schools that think of children as a business

Jeff Bryant has dug into the folks pushing for more charter funding, and there are few surprises there. 

Thank You, Tucker Carlson

John Merrow comes out of retirement to look at Carlson's support for the idea of putting a camera in every classroom in order to catch the evil indoctrinatin' teachers.

Why white journalists need to stop focusing on 'learning loss'

Ray Salazar guest posts at The Grade and lays out why white journalists really need to get off the learning loss train.

Pandemic learning loss reports that sell online programs are harmful for students with disabilities

Nancy Bailey looks at how the ongoing marketing push behind learning loss are bad news for students

Bob Moses and the Enduring Education Injustice

There have been many good pieces written about Bob Moses and his unique legacy; I recommend this one by Jose Luis Vilson is especially worthwhile.

Elites profit from "nonprofit" charter schools

Carol Burris sits for an interview with Jacobin and talks about how nonprofit charter schools actually are quite profitable.

Please Correct the Highlighted Section

Blue Cereal Education talks about the experience of being on the receiving end of standards and requirements and remembering to be empathetic with students.

This will be our last post together

Russ Walsh is hanging up his blogging hat, and his voice will be missed. I wish him well in his continued work in the meat world.

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