Sunday, May 6, 2018

ICYMI: Zoo Day Edition (5/6)

Today the Pittsburgh Zoo hosts a reunion of sorts, and we are headed there shortly. But first I have some reading for you from the week. Remember to share the pieces that grab your attention.

Whither the Novel

Another district meets the EngageNY English language curriculum, and they are not impressed.

The Effect of Mandated 3rd Grade Retention

A study looks at Florida's policy requiring third graders to pass the BS Reading Test or be held back. How's that working out? As poorly as one would expect.

The Nation's Top Teachers Met with Betsy DeVos  

DeVos met with the fifty(ish) Teachers of the Year. Some came away a bit underwhelmed.

What Do We Teach in American Schools

Jersey Jazzman looks at some current stories in education and notes that these are not great days for the treatment of women.

Virtual Schools 2018

Ready for one more study showing that cyber schools don't deliver on any of their promises? NEPC has the newest entry in this ever-growing genre.

Bond Firm Takes Sides in Texas
Turns out an investment firm in Texas has its own opinion about how charter schools affect the finances of public schools. It matches what many of us have been saying for years.

Full Control  

Mercedes Schneider revisits a truly awful article opposing teacher unions for charter schools.

Beware the "Learning Engineers"   

Wrench in the Gears looks at some of the technocrats behind new edumovements.

Important but False Claims about EVAAS in Ohio  

Audrey Amrein-Beardsley debunks some Ohio baloney

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