Sunday, September 13, 2015

ICYMI: This Week's Recommendations

Here are just a few of the articles this week that deserve your time and attention!

Common Core "Results" Aren't Actually Test Scores

Bernie Horn provides a great explanation-- clear, simple, and comprehensible to civilians-- about why the results you read in the paper aren't what you think they are.

America's Teaching Force by the Numbers 

I can't say that Laura McKenna hit it completely out of the park, but as mainstream media outlet coverage of the teacher "shortage" goes, this is not bad.

Educating Governor Kasich

New-to-me blogger Abby White comes from Ohio, and she has some thoughts about John Kasich and his approach to education.

Delivery Man

I used this old piece from the Economist earlier this week, but it's a particular direct but brief profile of Sir Michael Barber, the big cheese at Pearson.

Hansen Was Angry

Ohio newspapers have been ploughing through pages of newly-released documents dealing with Ohio's messed-up department of education. This is just one example of the shenanigans, but all of the coverage is worth folowing.

New Teachers Are Educated, Not Trained

Russ Walsh with a pointed reminder that puppies are trained, and teachers are not. Also, a fine list of what the basic elements of a good teacher education program would be.

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