Sunday, September 20, 2015

ICYMI: Selected Goodies for the Week

Here's some recommended reading to while away your Sunday.

What Happened to New Orleans Black Teachers?

A long-form look at this issue-- again. Prepare yourself to read some uncritical repetition of the same old bogus stats. Also prepare yourself to find a TFA official on the right side of a conversation. Part of EdWeek's look at New Orleans 10 year anniversary, which is often too considerate of reformsters' tender feelings, but still includes some thorough research and interviewing. It's all worth a look-- just keep your critical eye open.

What the Privileged Poor Can Teach Us

Poor kids who get moved into schools that primarily serve well-to-do students may show us some interesting things about the effects of poverty.

The Common Core's Scalia-esque Originalism

Blogger Sarah Blaine brings a unique perspective as a teacher, lawyer and parent. Here she looks at two major flaws in the ELA standards.

3 Huge Problems with the Charter School Movement

In response to the latest discoveries of charter shenanigans in Philly, writer Patrick Kerkstra looks at three major issues with the charter industry.

The Moral Qualities of Teaching

This is some smart writing, that manages in a relatively short space to move from considering some large philosophical ideas all the way to helping one child.

Charter Schools' Ugly Separate But Unequal Reality

Real journalist David Sirota takes a look at a new lawsuit in Delaware, where charters are being used to resegregate students. 


  1. Thanks, Peter! I found this week's selection particularly interesting, especially Anthony, Sarah, and Ilana's articles.

  2. Wonderful selection - and for me, especially Ilana Horn. Thank you!