Sunday, September 27, 2015

ICYMI: Edureading for the Week

Shortly I have to run up to school and start undecorating from last night's Homecoming Dance (woo-hoo), but I still have time to give you some reading suggestions for your Sunday.

The Cost of Ignoring Developmentally Appropriate Practice

We still love the idea that the faster we move a child through childhood, the more advanced they will be. Here's a good article, in clear layman's terms, about why that's just not true-- and all the trouble we cause when we try to make it true.

Who's the Real Liar?

Jersey Jazzman's once again comes through with charts and graphs and explanations in plain English, so that you can see just why all this baloney about higher failing rates and tests now telling us the real truth about how well our students are learning is a big bunch of horse patootie.

Do The Rights Thing

Want to see a group of kids that you can feel excited about and support? Edushyster has the group for you.

Why I Oppose Early Endorsement

Word on the street is that NEA is poised to give Hillary Clinton an early endorsement. In her own response to that bad idea, Marie Corfield also provides some links to many of the pieces out there on the subject.

Boehner's Exit and the ESEA Reauthorization

What does John Boehner's exit mean to the NCLB rewrite? Nothing good, as Mercedes Schneider explains.

School Fight about Gentrification 

In an op-ed that has implications for many locations, Keith E. Benson explains that the fight over schools in Camden NJ is really a proxy battle about who gets to live there.

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