Sunday, June 16, 2019

ICYMI: BBQ And Blues Edition (6/15)

Today in our city park you can listen to jazz and blues all day while sampling a variety of barbecue offerings. Now don't you wish you lived near me?

In the meantime, here is some reading for you. Remember to share.

Better Schools Won't Fix America

Another wealthy reformster figures out that ed reform is on the wrong path.

She Left The Education Department For Groups It Curbed; Now She's Back  

Yet another fox lands a sweet henhouse gig. Hoping Americans we'll be defended from predatory for-profit scam colleges? This lady is not going to help.

Churn and Burn 

Turns out that charters run through staff far more than public schools do.

Are Charters Hurting School Distracts

Matt Barnum at Chalkbeat runs some numbers and finds that (suroprise) charters do damage the districts they come from.

Cyber Accountability

Testimony day in Harrisburg, PA, becomes a little heated when cyber charter boosters come out to defend their businesses from ac tual educators.

Betsy DeVos, meet Ralph from Comcast.

Betsy DeVos, meet Ralph and find out what fuss about predatory privatized college looks like on the ground.

Charter Schools and Buying Double 

Steven Singer looks at duplication of services and the extra costs of charter schools.

White Home Buyers, Black Neighborhoods, and the Future of Urban Schools  

Another invaluable episode of Have You Heard, looking at gentrification in an interview with Yawu Miller.

One State Sets Out To Rethink Charter Oversight 

Jan Resseger takes a look at some important results from California's charter study.

What About ALICE?

One more creepy technocratic program for managing and profiting from the Lessers. Wrench in the Gears has dug up details.

Comics Resources   

Like to use graphic novels, comics, etc in your classroom and you need some backup for the practice? Here's a list of some resources you can use.


  1. Holy sh$t, it took Nick Hanauer "decades" to realize "that 'educationism' is tragically misguided".

    Had he given me a call back in 1999 I (or just about any other experienced Title 1 teacher) could have saved him millions of dollars and thousands of hours of time. And if his buddy and fellow "educationalist" (creative term used to describe privatizers of public money) Bill Gates did the same, I could have saved him billions. Talk about confusing the horse for a cart!

    Twenty freakin' years for this epiphany should be a lesson to all current and future edu-meddlers. Get Peter Greene on your speed dial!

  2. "Better Schools Won't Fix America" is a deceptive headline. What the author, educationalist Nick Hanauer correctly states is that economic inequality must be fixed first in order to incentivize and motivate struggling students locked in the grip of hopelessness. Providing meaningful work at a living wage is a requisite for student effort and achievement. Too bad it him twenty years to figure out what most of us knew before the billionaires blew the place up.