Sunday, May 27, 2018

ICYMI: Primitive Blogging Edition

The only functioning device I have to my name is my phone (which won't hold a charge) and my work computer (which is, you know, at work). And it's finals time, and final grade time. In recognition of my outstanding whining, my wife has loaned me her laptop for a bit. My second try at a new functioning desktop is due this week; I don't know what I'm going to do about the tablet. Enough about my over-privileged first world problems-- I should be back to normal action soon. But in the meantime, here's some reading for you from tis week.

What They Said Before and What They Are Saying Now

Carol Buris takes a look at what some reformsters used to say about NAEP scores (you know-- the stagnant ones) and what they have to say now.

Letter From an Inner City Classroom

Another great piece from Jose Wilson

Discovering what other people are for

Nobody chronicles the detailed yet deep lives of littles like Seattle's Teacher Tom. Another great piece about a simple but profound moment.

TN Not Ready

Tennessee continues to be a sting disaster year after year. Mary Holden is there to chronicle the mess.

How being part of a house within a school helps students gain a sense of belonging

A cool idea explored here.

Five Basic Things DevOs Wouldn't or Couldn't Answer

The lowlights from DeVos's latest visit to the hill

Teacher Pay

Time magazine takes a look at how low pay is draining some of the best teachers out of the classroom

There is no dignity in teaching

This is an absolutely heartbreaking look at one teacher being eaten up by the systemm

Debunking the Nreoliberal Fantasy

Another writer catches on to the neoliberal baloney plaguing education.

DHS Loses 1500 Children

A deeply troubling story. Yes, we're dragging one-year-olds away from their parents. Yes, we are warehousing them in shameful conditions. Yes, we have lost some of them. And yes, we have handed some over to human traffickers. And yes-- we're claiming we aren't legally responsible. Time to call your Congressperson.

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  1. Thomas Frank's article is good, but pretty ironic that he's debunking neoliberalism in one of the most neoliberal rags there is. The Guardian had some promise when they hired the likes of Glenn Greenwald, but they've embarrassed themselves plenty since then.