Sunday, May 22, 2022

ICYMI: Older And No Wiser Edition (5/22)

I was really hoping this would be the year in which I had a birthday and finally found substantially wiser as I entered a new era. Sadly, after a few days, the evidence suggests that my wisdom has not suddenly advanced with my age. Bummer.

I can, however, still pass on this reading list for the week.

Let's start with something encouraging. First, fifty two years. Second, this story about the chair.

Grumpy Old Teacher offers a stream of consciousness to float us on through testing season.

From Yahoo News, one more story about how that whole Don't Say Gay thing is working out.

How far do these folks plan to go? US Senators push for blocks for shows that so much as mention gay or (maybe) trans characters. 

Carolyn Hax operates a popular advice column, and she just took a question that prompted plenty of teacher response. Note: this is one of several Washington Post links this week.

This op-ed at State College . com from a PA school board member lists just three of the ways that Pennsylvania's voucher bill is bad news.

One of many positive stories from current elections, NC Policy Watch tells us about a failed conservative attempt to take over a school board.

The Have You Heard podcast took a trip to Croydon, NH, where libertarians tried to defund education and got soundly spanked. Bonus: Jack Schneider debunks that infamous chart that shows cost increasing and test scores remaining flat.

Jan Resseger takes at the latest plan to privatize public education in Ohio.

At the Penn Capital-Star, a guest op-ed bu Durrell Burns underlines the crazy huge lack of Black teachers in PA.

Valerie Strauss imagines when a god response from this administration could be, pushing back against the charter supporters who are freaking out over proposed grant rule changes. This is thorough, and good. Also at Washington Post.

Jeff Yass is really rich, and he doesn't like paying taxes or public education. In fact, my sources tell me that the reason a voucher bill zipped out of the PA house is because he told a certain house leader that they'd better give him either a voucher bill or a tax cap bill, right now, or else. Oligarchy is so much fun. Some background info on the wealthy gambler (really-that's how he got rich) in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

For the gazillionth time-- NAEP "proficiency: does not mean what your favorite public school basher says it means. Valerie Strauss gives space to James Harvey for an explanation (you might want to bookmark this one) in the Washington Post.

Nancy Bailey offers a lesson in some ed tech jargon. Beware!

Teacher Tom offers an insight that shouldn't come as a shock. And yet...

Nancy Flanagan reflects on what SEL really looks like in a classroom.

At Live Long and Prosper, some good thoughts about the great teacher exodus.

The indispensable Mercedes Schneider was just having one of those days.

Meanwhile, this week I was also writing about Croydon, NH and the attack on education there for Over at The Progressive, I wrote about the false promises of school choice and parent empowerment.

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