Sunday, December 26, 2021

ICYMI: Feast Of Stephen Edition (12/26)

 Yes, that's today. Sing "Good King Wenceslas," the only good Feast of Stephen carol I know of.  The list is a little short this week because so many of us have been busy. 

Death Threats And Doxxing

How all this anti-mask, anti-crt stuff is playing out at actual school districts--in this case, in Texas.

The Decline of Standardized Testing

Quick Axios explainer in the wake of Harvard's dumping of the SAT and ACT scores. 

Theocrats are coming for the school board

If you know folks in the evangelical conservative Christian world, you've been hearing the refrain "We have to take back schools" for ages. Meet some of the groups currently interested in actually making that happen. From Salon.

I Love Teaching, But...

Steven Singer saying what many teachers are thinking (and saying, and acting on).

16 charts about schools in 2021

From the actual j0ournalism side of The 74, an article for all of us chart fans, some curious details from the year in graphic form.

How a Wisconsin tribe helped launch a MAGA charter school

Great piece from Ruth Coniff at the Wisconsin examiner, looking at a tribal college that is stealing a page from the Michigan playbook. Small college with financial issues? Just start authorizing charter schools any old place around the state founded for any old reason, and start pocketing your percentage. Particularly striking in this case, as the charter being authorized features a view of history that is not exactly respectful of the Native American story.

Data Queen Guidera to be Next VA Ed Secretary

The indispensable Mercedes Schneider has the scoop on Virginia's next education chief. Spoiler alert: it's not looking good.

Beware of "evidence-based" preschool curricula

Peter Gray at Psychology Today reminding us to look at the research behind the "evidence" because some of it sucks.

Anti-mask parents not constitutionally allowed to change school rules

The Hill brings us news of a case decided in federal court that went against Nevada parents who wanted to change school mask mandates.

Pirates, Profiteers and Privatizers

Thomas Ultican with a look at all three. Or rather, the one movement that combines them all.

Ayn Rand writes Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer

McSweeney's with yet another deep cut literary lampoon. "They hate you, Rudolph. They hate you for your strength."

Okay, maybe the list isn't so short after all. Also, this week over at Forbes I looked at the PA lawsuit laying bare just how badly funded the state's schools are. 

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  1. Really interesting articles this week! And the Ayn Rand piece is hilarious.