Sunday, May 3, 2020

ICYMI: What? May?! Really??! Edition (5/3)

Well, here we still are, those of us who are fortunate enough to still be here. Let's read some things!

When teaching and parenting collide

I missed this when it landed at Chalkbeat a month ago-- Matt Barnum looks at teachers who have to balance virtual teaching and at-home parenting.

Teachers, parents and principals tell their story  

Over at The Answer Sheet on the Washington Post, Carol Burris runs down some of the results of the big Network for Public Education pandemic stay-st-home education survey.

No To Race To The Top: Covid-19  

It shouldn't come as a surprise, but Neal McClusky at the libertarian Cato Institute doesn't like the DeVosian competitive grant program (you know-- the one that looks eerily like Arne Duncan could have designed it) any more than I do, even if it is for different reason.

Coronavirus capitalism is coming for public schools  

At The Progressive, Dora Taylor takes a look at the vultures circling overhead right now.

Exam Anxiety  

The Verge looks at the increasingly super-creepy world of online exam proctoring. Because there's always one more way to advance the surveillance state.

Teaching US History in Michigan

At the blog A Walk Back in Time, a reflection on the crazy-pants demonstration in Michigan this week.

Betsy DeVos sued over garnished wages

DeVos once agains is dragging her feet on a policy that lets Those People get away with owing money, and so, onc again, she is being taken to court.

Betsy DeVos is the real civics failure

DeVos had some thoughts about the low NAEP history scores; Negin Owliaei is the Inside Sources with some thoughts about DeVos.

Where Are The Teachers?  

John Ewing at raising the issue of how folks in authority fai to actually listen to teachers. "It’s commonplace to say, “We don’t respect teachers,” but we seldom consider what that means. Respect isn’t merely the way you treat people—respect is the way you value their expertise. "

The Wild West of Unregulated Unacountable Virtual Voucher Schools  

The big push is on for virtual schooling. Why is that a lousy idea? Let Accountabaloney count te ways.

It's Time To Fix Standardized Testing    

Testing expert Akil Bello has a blog, and right now, you can read about some ideas for fixing standardized testing. It's a little wonky, but therefor solid on details.

98 Success Academy Students Accepted to College  

The always-charter-loving NY Post made a big fuss this week about SA getting 100% of its graduating class accepted to college. Gary Rubinstein would like to provide a little context-- like noting that that doesn't count all the students who left SA before this swell milestone. And he has the numbers, going back to kindergarten.

And this... Since this mess started, DeVos has repeatedly asserted that many schools have just quit. Here's another view, courtesy of Bald Piano Guy

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  1. I don't need some wonky article telling me how to "fix" standardized testing. All the fix that is needed can be said in two words: End. It.