Sunday, April 7, 2019

ICYMI: Hello, April Edition (4/7)

It's practically like spring here in Northwest PA, but I still have some-- well, many-- choice items to share this week. Remember, these writers depend on you to boost their work, so if something here speaks to you, help push it out into the world!

I Asked USED Three Questions

Jeff Bryant just had three questions for the Betsy DeVos Department of Education, but they "created havoc" for the staff.

Fact-Checking DeVos's $5 Billion Tweet    

DeVos tweeted that her new voucher plan will not take any money from public education. Valerie Strauss fact checks that assertion.

A Truckload of Fraud-hopping

The indispensable Mercedes Schneider tries to run down all the problems facing the New Beginnings School Foundation.

21 States Vs. DeVos  

21 states are trying to crack down on student loan companies; the Department of Education has quietly started to stand in their way.

NC School Supply Sham   

NC wants to give $400 to each teacher for classroom supplies. Well, no. Not really.

Every Incident of a Mishandled Gun in School

Gabby Giffords' website has compiled this sobering list of in-school gun mishaps, from accidental firings to guns stripped from teachers by students who were being disciplined.

State Tosses Out MCAS Question on Underground Railroad

Massachusetts enters the annals of bone-headed test questions with this bit of racist idiocy.

They Had It Coming   

You probably didn't miss this, but just in case, here's the article about the college admissions scandal that you need to read. Loaded with sharp insights and instantly quotable, this is a great piece of work by Caitlin Flanagan.

The Real Motive Behind Gov. Bill Lee's Voucher Plan

Bill Smith in Tennessee peels back the layers of anti-public ed nonsense behind Lee's voucher plan.

2 Students Accused of Crashing School Wi-Fi To Avoid Tests

Example #43,276 of why running your whole school over a computer network might not be a great idea. On the other hand, if you're looking for signs of ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit among students, well, here ya go.

What To Do With Cafeteria Waste

Here's a good idea you probably ought to be doing in your school. Read about a school that packages its leftovers and sends them home to families in need.


Short. Not sweet.

The Unfair Way These Democrats Will Lose on Schools in 2020   

A look at how the charter school landscape has shifted under the feet of some prominent Democrats.

Defining "Educator" During a Teacher Shortage and the Privatization of Public Education

Nancy Bailey takes a look at how redefining the term has become a useful tool of corporate reform.

The Cure for Boring Curriculum

Nancy Flanagan looks at a recent study of boredom in school. Direct from the "you could have saved a bunch of money and just asked teachers" file.

Teaching Intolerance

Jose Luis Vilson, on seeing one of NYC's infamous out and about.

LA Times VAM Reporters-- Where Are They Now    

Remember those reporters who just had to compute and publish teachers' VAM scores? Audrey Amrein-Beardsley not only remembers them, but she knows what they're up to these days.


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