Sunday, September 3, 2017

ICYMI: Septermber Kick-Off Edition (9/3)

Here's some reading for your long weekend. Remember to promote and share the voices that you think are important.

The Socio-Economic Divide on College Campuses Is Getting Wider-- Fast

One more trend that underlines growing inequity in the US.

Costs, Performance Fuel Charter Criticism

Turns out that cyber charters don't do a good job or save money.

The Magic School Bus in an Actual Public School

This is humor, and kind of fun, and kind of sad. Poor Ms Frizzle

San Diego Editor Continues Spurious Attacks

Thomas Ultican is tireless when it comes to continuing pushback against San Diego newspaper attacks on public ed.

What Really Makes No Excuses Charters

Another data-packed, amateur-comprehensible look at charters and the stories they tell, from Jersey Jazzman

The Troubling Trend To Collect Behavioral Data on All Children

Nancy bailey looks at more programs designed to track student behavioral data.

Education Can't Fix Poverty

Have You Heard podcast interview with historian Harvey Kantor about why we think schools can fix economic woes/

Voucher Champs Take Note

Mercedes Schneider takes a closer look at the Illinois voucher deal and points out that nobody yet knows how the bill will be paid

Educolor Collective Calls Educators To Confront White Supremacy

Including in their own schools and classrooms-- an important call to action for the beginning of the school year.

DeVos Education Roundtable

Betsy DeVos had an education round table. Guess who was-- and was not-- invited.

A Black Face in a White Space

A graduate talks about his four years as a black student at University of Pennsylvania. Plenty to think about here. 


  1. The Magic School Bus link doesn't work for me.

  2. If I'm reading your second item correctly, kids don't learn anything in mathematics if they are enrolled in a Pennsylvania cyber charter. 180 days is the equivalent of a full school year.