Saturday, March 12, 2022

FL: Gov Appoints MAGA Q Fan To State Board of Education

It is just always something in Florida.

Gov. Ron DeSantis just appointed Esther Byrd to fill a seat on the state board of education. Byrd has a bit of a track record, as reported by Florida Politics.

Byrd's husband is Rep. Cord Byrd, who has, among other things, had an explosion of temper against Black protestors. Esther Byrd made an attempt to get onto the Neptune Beach city council, but was defeated by the incumbent 1,041 to 869. She's a former marine. And she's MAGA, offering some spirited defense of Trump, the January 6 Insurrection, and well--here's a sample of some Facebook posts:

ANTIFA and BLM can burn and loot buildings and violently attack police and citizens. But when Trump supporters peacefully protest, suddenly ‘Law and Order’ is all they can talk about! I can’t even listen to these idiots bellyaching about solving our differences without violence.

In the coming civil wars (We the People vs the Radical Left and We the People cleaning up the Republican Party), team rosters are being filled. Every elected official in DC will pick one. There are only 2 teams… With Us [or] Against Us. We the People will NOT forget!

Why do you think Facebook is throwing people in FB Jail who share information about Proud Boys? (Side note: I must really have great friends cause a whole bunch have been locked up! ) I think it’s because they’ve seen a drastic spike in searches and they are worried that people are educating themselves rather than blindly believing what MSM narrative. Anyone have a better theory?

The couple was photographed on a boat flying a QAnon flag, after which Esther Byrd posted some material supportive of QAnon (no longer available on Facebook). Both Byrd's failed to respond to calls to separate themselves from QAnon. Rep Byrd brushed off criticism of his wife: "People use hyperbole all the time."

She will join an investment banker, Rick Scott's old lawyer, a Walmart PR flack, a VP for telecom giant Charter Communications, a serial entrepreneur and pro-gun Parkland parent, and the AT&T Pres who also serves on the board for the Florida Chamber of Commerce and the James Madison Institute. So she should be right at home in the sense that it's a right-leaning group of people with no actual experience or knowledge of education. Good luck, Florida.

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  1. I'd like to respond with Doomsday rhetoric, but it seems that what we're really seeing is the lack of interest Ron DeSantis has in education, except for the fodder he finds for the culture wars that he's hoping will put him in the White House.