Sunday, July 4, 2021

ICYMI: Fourth of July Edition (7/4)

Here's hoping that you are busy with some combination of friends and family today that leaves no time for the weekly collection of readables. But just in case, here's the list.

Tired of reading CRT pieces? Me, too. But people keep writing good ones. Here's an op-ed in Washington Post by Karen Attiah, writing about one school district leader many other folks will wish they worked for.

If your question is, how did white evangelicals end up cranky about CRT, this is a good procedural explainer, from Religious Dispatches.

Yes, I'm putting up something from school choice advocate Robert Pondiscio, and yes, I think it's worth reading, because in it he calls out a lot of tactical reformster nonsense. Edit--"nonsense " on reflection is a bit stronger than I intended. But this piece is an honest assessment.

Many observers, including moi, have pointed out some similarities between the right-wing attack on common core and the right wing attack on CRT. Andrew Ujifusa at EdWeek does a really good job of looking at the parallels and differences between those two battles.

An interview of author Clint Smith by Anand Giridharadas about Smith's new book. It's encouraging and interesting.

If you're curious about how CRT blew up exactly, this explainer from the Guardian has some good explainy parts.

Diane Ravitch discusses the topic du jour in the NY Daily News

Nancy Flanagan reflects on the dystopian novel and the world we are living in. As always, worth the read.

I had not really been paying much attention to the green school movement at all, so this explainer from Nancy Bailey was very useful.

Steven Singer looks at the troubling rise in teacher gag laws in response to--well, you know.

Accountabaloney with yet another bright idea in Florida--using SATs to grade schools.

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