Sunday, November 1, 2020

ICYMI: Dear God Let It Please Be Over Soon Edition (11/1)

 Of course, it probably won't be. This is probably going to drag out for weeks. But we can hope that we're, as they say, turning a corner this week. Hope you en joyed that extra hour. Happy All Saints Day. In the meantime, here's some stuff to read. 

A Voting Rights Battle In A School Board Coup    

In Georgia, the battle over voting, schools, and race, surfaces in yet another battle. New York Times reporting.

The fight for the suburbs started in schools   

EdWeek also travels to a part of Georgia where te white folks just don't want uppity Black voices on their school board.

One Teacher's Black Lives Matter Lesson Divided a Town  

Or at least revealed divisions that were there. Newsweek has this not feel good story.

Charter Double Dipping

Carol Burris and Greg Leroy in the Daily News explaining how charters engineered a relief fund windfall.

NC Candidate Backed by anti-teacher millionaire  

If you're in North Carolina, you want to pay attention to this race for state superintendent.

We Couldn't Find It  

How bad can the for-profit college sector be? How about a school with no students or faculty. USA Today has the story.

Death by a Thousand Cuts    

Teacher education programs are taking continued hits, and the teacher pipeline is getting narrower and narrower. From Inside Higher Education.

How an education crisis is spurring a tectonic shift in Arizona politics

What has to happen for voters to support both Trump and increased taxes for public ed? Arizona is forging a whole new path. Jennifer Berkshire reports on this odd political shift.

DeVos will let religious groups apply for charter grants  

Surprising absolutely nobody except some pro-charter Democrats who were sure that the charter movement was all about social justice, Betsy DeVos took the next step in shifting taxpaer dollars from public to private religious schools. Here's Matt Barnum with his take at Chalkbeat.

DeVos on the Docket  

Here at the Institute we've taken many shots at the74, which started out aspiring to be an anti-union player for ed in 2016. But nowadays they do some actual legit journalism, like this pioece breaking down the record-setting lawsuit total racked up by Betsy DeVos.

Bad Leadership Creating School Crisis  

Jeff Bryant is at the Progressive laying out te details of a national shortage of capable school district leaders.

Teachers Struggling To Pull Students Out Of QAnon Rabbit Hole  

Buzzfeed with an interesting look at the challenge of having students in your classroom who have adopted bananas beliefs.

Betsy DeVos's Scary Story   

If parents know best, what's wrong with this guy in a DeVosian scare story. The indispensable Mercedes Schneider breaks down this Halloween 

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