Sunday, October 13, 2019

ICYMI: Quiet Sunday Edition (10/13)

It's a quiet day in these parts, but there is still some reading to do from the previous week. Here are some pieces you might want to catch up on. Don't forget to share--

The Walton Takeover of Public Education Continues

The Arkansas blog looks at what our favorite retail oligarchs are up to in their home state.

Five Signs Your Reform Has Become Another Education Fad 

Rick Hess at EdWeek makes a useful point.

When Parents Shop For Schools, Students Can Suffer

Yeah, it turns out that the brave new world of education choice doesn't work as smoothly as Reformsters hoped. The Boston Globe takes a look.

Vanquishing the Windigo: Standing Up to Marc Tucker and Digital Capitalism  

From Wrench in the Gears, some more connecting of various reform digital dots.

Racists in one of America's richest counties are freaking out over forced bussing  

Oh, this is just ugly and depressing. What century is it again? Mother Jones has the story from Maryland.

The biggest lie tech people tell themselves — and the rest of us    

Spoiler alert: it's that all of these bright new ideas and inventions are inevitable evolution. But evolution is a terrible metaphor for technology, and we don't have to do some of this stupid stuff, argues Rose Evelth at Vox. This might be the must-read of the week.

Texas and the portfolio model  

One more state wants to try this dumb idea. The Texas Tribune takes a look at how it's worked out in other places, and who's pushing it in the Lone Star State.

The DC Voucher Story Finds Its Way To The Silver Stream-- Sort Of 

Another inspiration ed reform movie will be coming out. The indispensable Mercedes Schneider has done the research and let's us know about the parts the filmmakers will leave out.

Nashville Elementary School Refuses To Provide ICE With Records  

ICE wanted to run a check on students at this predominantly brown elementary school. The school told them to go away. An encouraging story from WCPO.

Politics, Pregnancy, and Public Education

A thoughtful reflection by Nancy Flanagan, sparked by the Elizabeth Warren pregnancy flap, but reaching far beyond it.    

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