Sunday, January 31, 2016

ICYMI: Browsing the edu-info

Here's just a bit of what's happening out there. As always, I highly recommend that you look down the right-hand sidebar, which is probably the best part of this blog!

Star Wars and Education Reform

Yes, Andy Smarick is part of the Bellwether-Fordham axis of reforminess. But he has a history of carefully considering the implications of ed reform and the unrestrained impulse to just throw out everything old. This quick take raises some useful questions. Also, Star Wars.

Common Core Can't sped Up Child Development

From last summer, this piece lays out the problem with the Core versus the development of small children.

The Blasphemy of School Vouchers

It's voucher-pushing time in Tennessee again. A perspective from a parent whose child attends one of those "failing" schools, and who does his homework on the larger issues.

The School Choice We Have vs The School Choice We Want

A good look at the joyous PR of Choice Week held up against the backdrop of Detroit, courtesy of edu-journalist Jeff Bryant

Have You Heard

Jennifer Berkshire (Edushyster) has entered the world of podcasting, and the world of podcasting is better for it.

Higher Education Is More Than Workforce Development

Tom Eblen gives a brief history of higher education in Kentucky and looks at how the new governor is poised to screw it up.


  1. How sad for those kids that are trapped in Detroit Public schools. What a difference to their young lives if they had a choice.

    1. What a difference to their lives if their schools were f---ing funded, right? What makes you think that they'd get any better deal at any "choice" school that a few of them would be "rescued" to?

  2. Detroit spends 35% ABOVE the state average. So the problem can't be just money.

    1. Right, and Detroit doesn't have any other problems that would cost more than that 35% - massive poverty, crumbling, mold infested buildings, etc. And I'm sure the cost of living in Detroit is the same as the rest of Michigan.