Sunday, December 27, 2015

ICYMI: December 27

Two days after Christmas and it is currently warmer outside my home than inside it. But here are some pieces to read as you contemplate whatever strange weather you're facing today.

Will Hillary Clinton Go All in With Us or Wall Street
Closing Schools Is Not and Educative Option

Pretty sure that Hillary's quote won the Blogger Swarm of the Month award, with some reactions more reasonable than others. Julian Vasquez Heileg took a look at it.And so did Mitchell Robinson, who I think hit at what is most bothersome about the dumb thing that came out of Clinton's mouth.

The Least of Russ on Reading

Russ Walsh does a fun thing for his year-end post. Instead of his best or most popular posts, he lists some worthwhile posts that didn't pull quite the traffic as some others. Catch up on his overlooked gems.

Why Charter Schools Are Fraud Factories

Much of what's here is old news, but there's always something about seeing just how broad and deep and wide the world of charter school shenangians runs.

The Gift of Student Voice in New Orleans

Looking for some giving that will do some good? Edushyster has an inspiring and worthwhile project in New Orleans that actually promotes student voices. Take a look and wrap up your year by contributing to a worthy cause.

Merry Christmas, Ramone

Finally, Nancy Flanagan presents a story that is both heartbreaking and uplifting, looking at both what is awful and what is hopeful in the education world.

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