Monday, January 5, 2015

Womb to Workplace Pipeline Under Construction

In the education field, we've been talking about the government's interest in a Cradle-to-Career, Womb-to-Workplace, Conception-to-Cadaver pipeline for some time. But if you keep your focus on what the Department of Education is up to, you may have missed the news that the Department of Labor is already well into the construction of the Not Yet Teething to Not Still Breathing database.

It's called the Workforce Data Quality Initiative, and you can read about the basics right here.

This was a series of grants given to various folks as part of a "collaborative partnership" between the Departments of Labor and Education. Here are the main objectives of the WDQI:

1) Use every piece of workforce data imaginable, from Unemployment Insurance wage records to training programs for veterans and those with disabilities to adult literacy programs.

2) Fix it so workforce data can be matched up with education data "to ultimately create longitudinal data systems with individual-level information beginning with pre-kindergarten through post-secondary schooling all the way through entry and sustained participation in the workforce and employment services system."

3) Get more data. more!

4) Analyze the performance education and training programs.

5) Provide easy to understand "information" so that consumers can choose training and education programs.

Oh, and there's one other "output" expected from the Diapers-to-Dust database.

Additionally, WQDI grantees are expected to use this data analysis to create materials on state workforce performance to share with workforce system stakeholders and the public. 

So when a corporation needs some drones to enhance their labor pool, they will be able to just check the Fetus-to-Fertilizer data pool and order up whatever it is they want.

So if you are dealing with people who think all this talk of a Big Brothery Huggies-to-Depends pipeline is crazy talk, just have them take a look at this website. But don't look for aything happening in the news about it. The fourth round of grants was announced last June; this is already well under way. Your seat on the Onesies-to-Donesies railroad is probably already labeled, tagged, and reserved for you.


  1. "Huggies to Depends" that was good...gave me a much needed chuckle.

  2. They're trying to apply this data-driven stuff to everything. I read where some outfit is trying to use data to make algorithms for companies to predict which employees are most likely to quit.

  3. Be sure to read these from 2014,
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    The entire pipeline is expecting 2016 to have all in place!

  4. In South Bend, it's Drucker, Google, & Walmart, together with the county library -