Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Speak Up for the Profession Now

We're coming down to the wire on your chance to speak out about one of the dumbest ideas to come out of a Department of Education that breeds bad ideas like bunnies.

This particular bad idea is the idea that VAM should be used to evaluate teacher prep programs. In other words, after we get done evaluating my performance based on my students' test results as processed by a piece of junk science that has been soundly rejected both by experts in education and experts in the science of measuring stuff, we will go ahead an use MY made-up evaluation results to evaluate the college education program that gave me my teaching degree in the first place.

This is a dumb idea. It is the emperor of dumb ideas. If dumb ideas were a country, this would be the capital city.

Do not just sit and sputter. Do not go fume in the teachers' lounge. Do something.

I'm kind of amazed-- there are several million teachers in this country, most of whom have to know that this is a dumb idea. There are many colleges of education in this country, all of which are staffed by a variety of people who have to know this is a dumb idea.

And yet, as I type this, the federal website shows 2062 comments on the proposed alterations. 2062.

So here's the link. I'm going to once again make it huge so that you can't miss it. We are talking about the programs that are the gatekeepers of our profession, and what we're talking about is making the gatekeepers stupid. This is fundamental to determining which people will be joining us in our schools, working side by side with us. We cannot sit silent.

We only have until Monday, February 2, to speak up. If you like, you can be part of a crowdtasked mark-up of the bill here at the wire. If you're not sure what to say, just be brief. Copy and paste or link to your favorite commentary on the subject. But don't just sit silent.

Yes, I know the odds do not favor the administration actually listening to what we have to say. But we can be absolutely guaranteed that they won't listen to us if we don't speak. What they're proposing is wrong, and we need to say so. Time's running out. Take the minutes to leave a comment.


  1. Posted mine on January 6th - just went to make sure it's still there!

    Hard to believe this has elicited so poor a response....

  2. The count is now 2126. Petrilli is often quoted that there were "10,000 comments on Common Core" we need 20,000 (or 200,000) comments so that the USDOE starts to take this seriously.

  3. Thanks, Peter, for encouraging teachers to comment. I posted a comment a short while ago, because of you.;

  4. How many BadAss Teachers are there again? *sigh* This should be a no-brainer for an organization of their size and (alleged) clout.

  5. I get all this -- but when did the teacher prep programs stick up for the teachers ? Based on my student teacher experiences of late, teacher prep programs are full of Common Core promotion and standardized test love.

    I also wonder: when the feds seek to abolish tenure for college profs, how many of us will stick up for them ? How many of them are sticking up for us now ?

    I don't disagree with Curmudgucation's point -- at all -- my point is only that many college profs are not sticking up for us -- at all.

  6. Just posted a comment. Thanks for keeping us informed, and for caring so passionately.

  7. Just submitted my comment. Thanks for the heads-up.

  8. Should be 2063 now. Just posted. Thanks for the nudge