Sunday, October 12, 2014

Update on Pearson's Mistake

For those of you who followed my earlier post about the (latest) Pearson test screw-up, the multi-national educational juggernaut did actually respond to Sarah Blaine's original post with an apology of sorts.

Pearson did make an error on the specific quiz question in a lesson in the Envision Math textbook and we sincerely apologize for this mistake. 

As corporate apologies go, it's actually refreshingly clear and unequivocally weasel-word free.

The down side, as Blaine notes, is that it doesn't acknowledge the larger issues she raised, other than to note that "trust in our products and services is key." Well, yes. And I would make fun of them for pointing out the obvious, except that we see too many examples of corporations that don't see the obvious, so bravo, Pearson, on seeing the obvious.

So the larger issues go unaddressed (a little transparency, folks?), but at least they said, "We screwed up. Sorry about that." Which by modern corporate standards is not too shabby. Is it too snarky for me to note that apparently all that practice apologizing for mistakes that Pearson has had is apparently paid off?  Maybe? Sorry about that.

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