Saturday, August 30, 2014

First Loser in NY Anti-Tenure Lawsuit

In the end, there can be only one.

Even though it's all about the kids, according to the NY Post only one group gets to stand center stage for the big New York Tenure Takedown Lawsuit.

Previously the Campbell Brown nameplate case was going to have to share the big Caring for Kids spotlight with Mona Davids (of New York Parents Union), but Davids is now saying, none too cheerfully, that her law firm has dropped the case. Davids charges that the firm was chased off by "bullying" tactics by Brown and her camp, but Davids also announced that her lawsuit will continue. So this fight to be the Big Name in New York anti-tenure lawsuits is not over yet.

According to "multiple sources" the firm Gibson Dunn actually pulled out because they have education clients who didn't take kindly to Davids working with the firm. Brown's lawsuit is, of course, is being handled by several big-name lawyers and PR flacks with close ties to the Obama administration, who don't much care if they bother any people in the education world or not.

Students Matter, the Vergara-sponsoring advocacy group composed primarily of David Welch and his giant pile of money, has also withdrawn from Davids' suit.

No news yet about a press conference in which Campbell and Davids stand together and announce that since they are only concerned about what's best for the children and not who gets to be Really Important, they're putting aside all their competition for the best position in front of the camera.

UPDATE: Eclectablog has a more detailed account and timeline of how Brown et al squashed these pretenders to the thrown and competitors for the spotlight like bugs.

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