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ICYMI: Not A Dry Heat Edition (6/23)

At this point I think I'm more tired of being sticky than of being hot. At least we can sit still while we read.

Howard County students were quiet about Moms for Liberty book bans efforts — until now

The Baltimore Banner with the story more student backlash against reading restrictions.

Public libraries resist calls for book removals

WCVB reports on library pushback against censorship in Massachusetts.

The Texas Observer does some great education coverage, and this piece by Lise Olsen is no exception. A great interview with a librarian who took a stand and paid a price.

Teachers at this tech-forward school banned cell phones. They say they’re ‘never going back.’

Philadelphia Inquirer's Kristen Graham covers yet another school out in front of the current trend in smartphone backlash.

Christian Nationalists Are Opening Private Schools. Taxpayers Are Funding Them.

Kiera Butler reports for Mother Jones, as more and more mainstream media catches on to what's going on with the voucher movement.

Arizona is sending taxpayer money to religious schools — and billionaires see it as a model for the US

Speaking of the mainstream media catching on, here's that piece that CNN ran this week. You've probably seen it already, but ICYMI...

School voucher use has exploded. Some Ohio families can't take part

Zack Carreon explains how "school choice" is not for all students after all.

Dayton Daily News with yet another data point showing the whole "vouchers will rescue poor kids from failing schools" narrative is deep-fried baloney.

Nikesha Elise Williams offers a fiery op-ed for Jacksonville Today on how Florida's vouchers really affect parents of color and the public schools that serve them.

Jeff Bryant continues to be a major reporter of the community school movement. Here we see how Chicago is seeing success with community schools.

How the Right Exploits ‘Moms’ to Privatize Education

Maurice Cunningham takes a look at the newest momwashing group, the Moms On A Mission. It's a Betsy DeVos outfit, so you know it's really legit.

Ignoring the Real World in the Classroom

Nancy Flanagan reads Jess Piper (as should you) and considers that problem of district administrations that want to forbid any discussion of actual events in the actual world.

House bill would let a politically connected charter school open without state review

One more example of how charter operators find ways to circumvent the system. This one's from North Carolina.

La. Classrooms Must Post Ten Commandments. Not Kidding.

You've heard about the Louisiana 10 commandments law by now, but the indispensable Mercedes Schneider has the full scoop, complete with some of the better complaints from the interwebs.

Ohio GOP politicians refuse to accept accountability for voucher boondoggle, extremist agenda

Writing for Ohio Capital Journal, Marilou Johanek calls out the billion dollar boondoggle that is Ohio's voucher program. No minced words here.

I’ve been a teacher for 30 years. Michele Morrow would ruin NC public schools.

North Carolina's GOP is running a spectacularly unqualified candidate for state Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Justin Parmenter has been pointing out her failings repeatedly. Here he is doing it again for Cardinal and Pine.

Paul Thomas has 40 years of teaching under his belt, and here he reflects on the problem of finding "what works."

Neoliberal Reform Still Infects Education Policy: Good Reporting Helps Advocates Pay Attention

Jan Resseger reminds us of the other group afflicting education policy.

“If We Lose Them, They Won’t Come Back”

Sue Kingery Woltanski has finished her copy of The Education Wars, the new book from Jennifer Berkshire and Jack Schneider. It's available soon--here's a good look at why you want a copy.

One state radically boosted new teacher pay — and upset a lot of teachers

Would you be interested in a higher starting salary if it meant you might never get a raise again? Arkansas is testing out the idea.

AI is exhausting the power grid. Tech firms are seeking a miracle solution.

At the Washington Post, a consideration of one of the big problems with AI-- power.

I put up three (count 'em, three) pieces at this week"

* Some examples of how bad the discrimination is in voucher world

* My take on the other problem with Louisiana's 10 Commandments law

* The big dark pile of money being spent in Colorado on a state board seat

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  1. Good articles! The Philadelphia school having the kids put their phones in numbered plastic pouches at the door is such a genius idea! There's even a picture! I had no idea how to enforce a cell phone ban, but this is simple, clever, and efficient. And I also enjoyed the article about community schools in Chicago. It's good to know that these obviously needed and good ideas are finally catching on.

    Rebecca deCoca