Sunday, June 16, 2024

ICYMI: Fathers Day 2024 Edition (6/16)

You know what sucks in the summer of 2024? Lord knows, the internet has affected in mostly good way, from forcing us all to agree on the fair market for vehicles to allowing us to cruise lots from the comfort of our home. But everything you've read about the industry's inventory problem is, I will certify, true. There is not much of a selection of vehicles, new or used--and used cars are crazy expensive. It's times like this I miss my dad, who was a fine car shopper. I'll let you know if things perk up.

In the meantime, here's some reading stuff.

Tax Docs Link Right-Wing “Parents Group” to Leonard Leo’s Dark Money Network

Lisa Graves and Alyssa Bowen at Truthout with some scoop about who is footing the bills for active astroturf group Parents Defending Education.

Virginia school board sued after reinstating Confederate school names

Some Virginia schools that insisted on reinstating the names of Confederate traitors will now get to explain themselves in a court of law. Karina Elwood at the Washington Post.

After a 7-year experiment, New Orleans is an all-charter district no more

New Orleans decides to bring back public schools, at least a little. Beth Hawkins reports at Route Fifty.

Vouchers Benefit the Wealthy, Oklahoma Shows

This time it's an Oklahoma study showing that a mountain of voucher money is going to subsidize private school for the wealthy.

Using Your Neighbor’s Taxes To Fund Your Child’s Private School Tuition

Sue Kingery Woltanski at Accountabaloney digs into the notion that a voucher just gives someone their own tax dollars back. It does-- plus a bunch of their neighbors' money as well.

Arizona School Voucher Program Funds Multiple $500+ Lego Purchases

The indispensable Mercedes Schneider looks at the mess that is Arizona's unregulated voucher spending.

Thomas Ultican profiles three exceptional women pioneers in education. 

What Schools SHOULD Be Teaching

Nancy Flanagan considers that undying meme about all the things schools ought to be teaching but, supposedly, are not. But how much adulting are schools supposed to teach?

Open Letter on AP African American Studies

South Carolina is quietly putting the kibosh on AP African American studies. Steve Nuzum and Nicole Walker respond to the actions of the state.

When Fear and Xenophobia Infect Discussions of Education Policy

Jan Resseger looks at how education policy can be affected by those who don't want to provide education for Those Peoples' Children.

TC Weber digs into the nuts and bolts and ins and outs and general absurdity of third grade test-based retention and the miracles it brings.

More Spin Than Historic

Yes, it's Sue Kingery Woltanski again, this time looking at DeSantis and his attempt to claim that he's doing marvelous things for teacher pay. He isn't. She'll explain some tricks worth noting, because DeSantis isn't the only one to try this sort of spin.

In historic first, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis vetoes most arts funding in Florida

Speaking of DeSantis making bold, lousy choices, it appears that arts are on the chopping black in Florida.

Humans are symphonies, not salad dressing

You know I love a good analogy, and Benhamin Riley has a fine one here to help illuminate the nature versus nurture question.

Meanwhile, over at, some good news about the ongoing travails of the Florida teacher who was attacked by the state for her Black Lives Matter flag, and some important information about a primary race in Colorado. 

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