Sunday, March 5, 2023

ICYMI: In Like A Lamb Edition (3/5)

Despite the fact that the Curmudgucation Institute is not far from the home of Punxsutawney Phil, we have pretty much skipped the remaining days of winter for the moment and have headed straight into Fool's Spring, complete with 50 degree temperature swings. The Board of Directors has questions, mostly along the lines of "Yesterday we could play in the dirt without coats, so why can't we do it today?"

Here's your list of stuff to read from the week. Remember-- if you appreciate it, share it.

Can we please stop talking about so-called learning loss?

I missed this take on learning loss web it first appeared in Hechinger Report (I actually caught it because a reformster was having an all-caps hissy about it on the tweeter). It's worth a look at one more explanation of why learning loss does not merit Full Panic Mode.

‘Education freedom’ contradicts religious freedom

It does my heart good to find people of faith who do not go all in with the hard right anti-public ed stuff. Here's the editor of Baptist Standard explaining why Christians should not be all in on vouchers.

School forced to close after donors pull funding over LGBTQ language

Meanwhile, for those who believe that the free market will take care of everyone, here's the story of a Christian private school that got dumped by its funders because it dared to be LGBTQ positive.

How to Prevent Social Change: A Handy Guide for Educators and Parents

Alfie Kohn, tongue in cheek, offers advice on how to stop growth and change in society and schools.

No conversation about education without teacher voice

Jose Luis Vilson did a TED Masterclass on one of his best subjects--the importance and necessity of including teacher voice in discussions about education.

DeSantis and Education: Sterilizing “Freedom.”

The indispensable Mercedes Schneider takes a look at one of the slices of anti-woke repression in Florida. 

Ron DeSantis shows how not to run an education system

Jennifer Rubin in the Washington Post becomes the first national journalist to actually listen to Billy Townsend on the subject of how Florida's much-touted test results are illusory baloney. 

Gregory Sampson attempts to round up the many threads of the DeSantis attack on public education.

Willful Ignorance? Underestimating The Costs of HB1/SB202 Will Hurt Public Schools

Sue Kingery Woltanski at Accountabaloney computes just how expensive one of Florida's wacky voucher programs could turn out to be. Turns out when you offer people free money, they take it.

Moms For Liberty Bucks County Leaders Think Public Schools Are Trying To Bring Pedophilia Into The Classrooms

At the Bucks County Beacon, Cyril Mychalejko listens to the local Moms for Liberty opine on their battle against evil. It's some scary stuff.

Betsy DeVos, two others spent big on Nebraska legislative races

You may not be paying attention to Nebraska, but Betsy DeVos and her crowd surely are. Aaron Sanderford has the report at Nebraska Extra

And here's why. The AP takes a look at the new push to commandeer Nebraska's education system with vouchers.

What Will We Lose if Public Schools Are Privatized?

Jan Resseger takes a thoughtful look into the value and purpose of public education and the goals that privatization will not help us achieve.

Larry Cuban hosts one of the better takes on the whole ChatGPT thing panic, and cheating.

When Students Cheat, They Only Hurt Themselves

Steven Singer offers some thoughtful perspective on the issue of cheating, and some important lessons to remember.

Meanwhile, it was a busy week for me at A piece offering more details on ChatGPT's shortcomings, a look at Idaho sending vouchers down to defeat, and the tale of veteran DC administrators losing their jobs because they blew the whistle on Relay Graduate School of Education.

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