Monday, March 6, 2023

Hiring Someone To Take Your Online Course For You

Because I look at lots of education-related stuff on line, the interwebz send me lots of strange and terrible education-related business advertising. I've seen a lot. But I was still not prepared for BoostMyGrades. That this kind of thing is in the world...

BoostMyGrades is not shy about its business model. Right there in huge font on the front page is "We Take Your Online Classes, Tests and Exams!" subheaded "BoostMyGrade’s professionals are academic experts who guarantee great grades and take your exams, quizzes, papers, and entire classes." And they also want you to know that they "understand the importance of complete confidentiality."

The pitch couldn't be clearer

Are you tired of thinking:

“I wish I could pay someone to take online class for me.”
“I can’t find the time to study. Can someone take my final exam for me?”
“I just don’t understand this material. Is there a way for someone to take my math test for me?”

Then it’s time to reach out to BoostMyGrade and begin enjoying life without academic stress. Our experts will complete your class, test, quiz, essay, or assignment for you.

They're other big selling point is direct contact with what they euphemistically call "tutors."

We understand that passing grades are critical to the future success of the students that work with us. We take our business seriously and are the only online class-taking service that allows you to communicate directly with your expert tutor through our advanced notes system. You can also escalate issues, ask questions, and manage your entire online class from your dashboard.

Sigh. Yes, it's grades that are critical to future success, not, say, actually knowing stuff. 

Other great marketing quotes: "Tests are stressful, but they don’t have to be."

Of course, they also write papers and essays for you.

The FAQ at the site actually includes the question "Is this cheating?" (Actually, the question is "Is this cheating, what about books?") And the answer is--

We urge you to consult your school’s honor code. In many cases our service is not considered cheating; it should be considered a supplement to your own studies and work.

I am deeply curious to see the list of schools that don't consider this cheating. 

This is not some hack-looking website either. It's slick and professional and if you're on it for more than thirty seconds, a chat box will pop up to answer your questions. I asked "Kate" where they were based and she said West Coast California. Seems legit.

The site boasts ten years of experience; their testimonials page only goes back to early 2019. Another site said they started in 2015. At least one reviewer was unimpressed with both the quality and the price ($82 for a three page paper). There's an intriguing but unverified complaint from a student who claims that Keiser University, a private university in Florida, steered the student toward BoostMyGrade. Review site mentions of BMG are few, but generally negative, and many refer to "tutors" for whom English seems not to be a primary language. Fees mentioned land in the hundreds of dollars.

Which seems like such a shame. What is the world coming to when the people you hire to help you lie to your school won't be straight with you? 

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