Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Few Blog Recommendations

This will be post #400 on the blog, and I thought I'd use it to direct your attention to some other blogs. This is by no means an exhaustive and comprehensive list-- there are tons of people blogging about education these days, and I keep discovering new (to me) voices. I've put off writing this kind of post because I don't want to short-change someone, but I'm going to go ahead anyway, because better imperfectly than never on this.

@ the Chalk Face

One of several collective blogs, gathering together many of the major writers in the blogosphere, including Mercedes Schneider, Kris Nielsen, Shaun Johnson and Tim Slekar. Comes with a radio show on Blog Talk Radio

Network for Public Education News Briefs
Another anthology blog, with pieces from many members of the Network for Public Education.

Public School Shakedown
A blog from the Progressive that presents a fine roster of many great bloggers, collected with a progressive bent.

Jersey Jazzman
One of many regional bloggers who make it worth your while to read about places that you don't actually live. He's good with sass and sharp language, but the Jazzman is also a very capable cruncher of numbers and stalker of stats. And New Jersey is ground zero for many reformster initiatives, so it's worth your while to pay attention.

Crazy Crawfish's Blog  
New Orleans is another petri dish in which strange and important things have been left to grow. This blog covers it with style.

Perdido Street Station
This blog covers all things New York. You'll notice that I have a soft spot for writers who bring a sharp edge and wit to their writing. Bonus points for the obscure-ish SF reference in the title.

Pittsburgh based, but covering Pennsylvania, this blogger-activist has scored some major victories over the past few years.

Common Core
Out in Utah, three conservative moms got together to stand up against CCSS. These ladies have done their homework, and they are often a great source of facts.

Wait What?
Jonathan Pelto has kept the heat turned up in Connecticut, to the point that he is now running for governor against an incumbent not-very-education-friendly Democratic governor.

School Finance 101
With as many economists and business types are lined up against public education, it's nice to have someone who can count those beans honestly and clearly enough that laypeople can get it working on the side of the angels.

Teacher Under Construction
John Kuhn called Steph Rivera "a force of nature." Follow this young woman who has a powerful record as an activist and an impossible-to-ignore voice as a writer.

Wag the Dog
Freewheeling far-ranging discussion of many of the issues of the day in education.

Audrey Amrein-Beardsley brings a clear understanding of the data and fuzzy math behind the murkiest subject of the day-- VAM. She makes it easy to understand what the heck is going on, and why it should stop.

Russ on Reading
Russ Walsh came to blog about reading and reading instruction; he stayed to try to figure out what the heck is happening in our schools today. Often wry and witty, this teaching veteran belongs on your blogroll.

Edushyster brings legitimate journalist chops to her work, but she is also one of the funniest writers in the blogosphere. Real substance in a sweet candy coating.

The Becoming Radical
Reading Paul Thomas just makes me feel smarter. Well-read, deep-thinking, Thomas manages to connect the clear specifics of the education world to the Big Ideas underlying them. And he knows his comics, too, so bonus.

Susan Ohanian
Navigating Ohanian's blog can be daunting, but that's because she's been on line forever. Ohanian was sounding the alarm on the modern school reform movement while many of us were still snoozing. Hers is a voice that deserves attention.

Peg with Pen
She does not post often, but when she does, you want to pay attention.

Cloaking Inequity
Julian Vasquez Heilig is one of the most powerful important voices out there right now. The man appears to need neither sleep nor rest, and he has forced many people to take another look at what's happening to equity and equality in education.

Gatsby in L.A.
An unusual blog in that it's just about finished. Ellie Herman was a screenwriter/producer who dropped out of the biz to get into a classroom. Her adventure started last August, and you can read through her whole year. Smart and sensitive.

Honest Practicum
Erin Osborne working to find her way through the reformy morass, with a real gift for graphics.

Living in Dialogue
Anthony Cody is a founding member of the Network for Public Education and a great voice for the resistance. His EdWeek blog examines many of the important topics of the day.

Mercedes Schneider's Edublog
If you read here often, you already know I'm a fan. Indispensable research hound, this woman has ferreted out more raw information about what's really going on behind the curtain than any other single writer.

The Answer Key
At the Washington Post, Valerie Strauss is one of the best mainstream writers about education out there, and she features plenty of top-notch guest talent.

Diane Ravitch's Blog
If you read me, you undoubtedly read Ravitch, but just in case, know that in the edublogoverse, all roads lead to her. An insanely prolific poster, she provides a daily digest of what's being written, what news is breaking, and what we all need to know.

There are many, many, many, many more. Hunt through the links on the right side of the screen. I encourage you to read, follow links, and pass on what you like. You can help voices be heard by posting, tweeting and sharing the words that are powerful for you.


  1. I wish my blog, , had made your list, Peter.

  2. Thank you for the kind shout out, Peter. Your blog is required reading for me.

  3. Perfect or not, a list like this is so helpful when trying to orient oneself in the educational blogosphere. It's appreciated. Plus, it's a pretty damn good list.