Sunday, September 12, 2021

ICYMI: 9/12 Edition (9/12)

 9/11 was one thing; what started to happen in this country on the twelfth is something else entirely, but we don't have national days of remembrance about that. Meanwhile, there's plenty to read about in the world of education.

NH "education freedom" accounts cost soaring

NH implemented vouchers; now it's turning out to be way more expensive than advocates promised.

Proctorio's awful reviews disappear

Cory Doctorow takes a look at what's been happening with that horrible monitoring scam software.

How we abolished child labor

Betsy Wood is at The Conversation to remind us that the end of child labor didn't exactly happen because we were feeling all noble. More like the Depression and fears of white slavery.

I Can't Believe I'm Looking at Test Scores

Nancy Flanagan says enough already with the big standardized test scores.

CRT turning school boards into GOP proving grounds

One more piece, this from Politico, about how the right is using critical race theory to bring chaos and recruitment to local school boards.

Having just one Black teacher can change a life

Still an issue (despite how you may feel about Citizen Education) is the low number of Black teachers in schools.

Real children in real time

Eduhonesty looks at the assumption that students are just waiting for the chance to do some school and chomping at the bit to get educated.

Lack of trusted authority is why COVID is kicking our butts

Steven Singer takes a look at how we got here.

Charter schools scary future

Jennifer Berkshire writes in The New Republic about the rightward lurch of the charter world.

When one window closes, another opens

Grumpy Old Teacher on the love of testing and Florida's mistakes.

River Runner

Okay, this is just a cool thing. Put a drop of water anywhere on this map of the US and it will tell you and map the path that drop will take to the ocean

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