Sunday, February 11, 2024

ICYMI: Sleepover Edition (2/11)

One of the VP's from one of the Institute field offices is here for the weekend. The Board of Directors has been beside themselves with delight. Exciting times. Yesterday we went to look at dinosaur stuff. And at night, everyone sleeps, some, sort of. 

But I've still got a reading list for you from the week. Share!

“Apples to outcomes?” Revisiting the achievement v. attainment differences in school voucher studies

Josh Cowen has updated his summary of research about voucher effectiveness for Brookings. Excellent source for just how vouchers fall short of what their supporters promise.

Why John Dewey’s vision for education and democracy still resonates today

Nicholas Tampio at The Conversation with a nice consideration of the value of John Dewey (and what some folks get wrong about him).

Is Eliminating Property Tax the Next Step Toward Defunding Florida’s Public Schools?

God bless Sue Kingery Woltanski, because keeping up with the dopey ideas rolling out of Florida's legislature is a lot like playing Whack-A-Mutant-Mole. Latest genius idea? Eliminate property tax.

In Red States, the Bill for School Voucher Bait-and-Switch Is Coming Due

Jack Schneider and Jennifer Berkshire writing for The Nation look at how voucher programs are racking up big time budget-busting costs. Who was surprised?

State vouchers expand, and one Charlotte school remains elusive

A while back. Kris Nordstrom found that some voucher schools had more vouchers than students. Now one reporter is still trying to find one of those schools, or get answers from people supposedly running it. A mysterious saga, indeed.

TFA CEO Announces Exit As Recruitment Falls Below 2007 Numbers

Things continue to go not-so-great over at Teach for Awhile America. The indispensable Mercedes Schneider breaks down the latest news.

How the Far Right Took Over a Pennsylvania School Board—And How Parents Took It Back

For Vanity Fair, Kathryn Joyce provides quite the full history of how Pennridge Schools in Bucks County, PA, got rolled by a MAGA board, became the first district to hire fly-by-night Vermilion education consultant outfit, and managed to sweep all of that mess out of there. 

High School Students Walk Out Over Cellphone Ban

Cellphone bans are all the rage. In one Texas district that's going about how you'd expect.

Jose Luis Vilson has some brief but intriguing thoughts about continuous growth for teachers and pedagogical homes. 

“Back to Basics” Again! What Does it Mean for Students and Teachers?

Nancy Bailey has noticed the return of an old favorite education rant--let's get back to basics! What does that even mean?

Ohio’s Gerrymandered, Supermajority Republican Senate Wields Intimidation to Impose Its Will

Jan Resseger reports from Ohio, where a gerrymandered GOP supermajority intends to rule with an iron fist.

Teaching is Hard

Maybe TC Weber isn't saying anything you don't already know, but that doesn't mean it's not worth saying on a daily basis.

‘Enshittification’ is coming for absolutely everything

From Financial Times, the best (so far) explanation by Cory Doctorow of enshittification-- how it happens, what causes it, what stops it, what to do about it.

At Forbes, I wrote about new research from Chris Tienkin showing--once again--that the Big Standardized Test doesn't measure what folks insist it does.

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