Sunday, October 1, 2023

ICYMI: Mighty Pups Edition (9/30)

There was nothing at the institute more important the weekend premiere of the newest Paw Patrol movie, and we were there yesterday afternoon to watch every blessed minute of it. We are still processing the experience, though the CMO and I agree that there is never enough Chickaletta, and Maynard is criminally under- and un-used. The popcorn was good, though. If you have a small child who is requiring you to sit through this, God bless you.

But it's time for the Sunday recap of notable reads from the week, so let's move on to that. Remember, sharing is caring.

Email exchanges show attorneys’ confusion and frustration over Florida’s new education laws

The Miami Herald looks at more of the fallout from Florida's vague and half-baked reading repression laws. Also, probably the only place you'll find this sentence

“A question has arisen among our terrified media specialists about masturbation,” said Ellen Odom, general counsel for the School Board of Escambia County.

Exhibit B. Judd Legum has the receipts from a district in which the superintendent said, "No, just don't allow any books with any sort of LGBTQ characters ever."

It's not just Florida. Linda Wertheimer for Hechinger Report looks at New Hampshire, where teachers are having trouble navigating the Holocaust. Also in this piece, meet an inspiration Holocaust survivor.

Believe, but then verify, charter school’s promises

From Bakersfield, California, yet another demonstration of the problems that arise from charters' non-public non-transparent governance.

Money, not standards, determines education quality

James Rosen for the Tribune Content Agency with some hard talk about how money does matter and standards aren't all that much help.

Right-Wing Activist Christopher Rufo Became the One Thing He Claims to Hate

If you can tolerate one more article about Chris Rufo's baloney, you might tackle this one in which Rufo is called out by right-tilted conservative Nico Perrino

Aspira to repay Philadelphia district roughly $3.5 million to settle charter enrollment dispute

There are still many unanswered questions about the Aspira mess in Philly, but this addresses one of the more glaring, i.e. Aspira's fundraising technique of just ignoring their enrollment caps and billing the state for students they weren't allowed to enroll in the first place.

Seven Members of the Ohio State Board of Education File a Lawsuit to Protect Democratic Control of Public Schooling

Ohio is one of those states with a gerrymandered GOP supermajority, but members of the state board of education are fighting back. Jan Resseger has the story.

Why Some Schools Are a Step Ahead in Addressing Student Mental Health Needs

Jeff Bryant has another story about districts that make good use of the community school model to help students.

The Moms for Liberty – Michael Flynn Connection Strengthens

Christian nationalist loon Michale Flynn has taken a seat at the table in Sarasota, Ground Zero for right wing loon activity. This will probably not end well.

The MAGAmerican dream lives in Sarasota

This deep dive piece in the Washington Post is a lot to take in. But if you want to get a feel for how far down the MAGA hole Sarasota is, this does it. And yes, M4L appear.

The big problems with college and K-12 school rankings

You may be aware that US News college rankings are baloney, but K-12 rankings are even worse. Guesting in Valerie Strauss's Answer Sheet at the Washington Post, Harry Feder explains just why you should ignore these.

A few years back, Gary Rubinstein caught KIPP gaming the Us News rankings. Now he's caught them again.

Plans move forward for Tennessee to potentially reject more than a billion dollars in education funding

If you want to toss out federal rules and start writing your own, step one is to reject federal money. Tennessee is thinking real hard about it. You can also read more about this here from Andy Spears, and somewhat different angle from TC Weber

School-Voucher Scam

If you want to stay up to date on North Carolina education shenanigans, you need to read Justin Permenter. Gary Pearce introduces the blogger here, along with some of his findings about vouchers schools in NC.

An elected school board is nothing to fear

Some folks in Virginia really hate the idea of some districts going back to elected boards. The Richmond Times-Dispatch. Democracy has always been a touchy subject in Virginia, where districts have been allowed elected school boards since--1992! And 13 districts still aren't there yet. The Richmond Times-Dispatch points out the opponents are full of it.

How PICTURE Books Help TEACH Comprehension and Phonics!

It's almost as if some of the people hollering about reading instruction these days are not actually teachers or trained reading specialists. Nancy Bailey would like to set some folks straight on one particular type of children's book.

State Department of Education was notified Tulsa ended Confucius Classroom before superintendent testified otherwise to Congress

Turns out that Oklahoma's Right wing Dudebro of Education knew that his complaints about the Chinese infiltration of Tulsa's schools--well, he knew that was already a dead issue. But when you really want to use your great new talking point, why let reality get in the way.

Music in the Classroom

Steve Nuzum talks about how the pandemic ended up bringing music into his classroom, and the positives that came from that.

OSIRIS-REx Has Not Brought “Asteroid Germs” Back To Earth

Not education related, but I do love space stuff, and bringing back asteroid bits is cool space stuff.

I was busy at this week. Read about my former colleague starting a big STEM foundation, the problem of averages when discussing education, and how Florida's latest flap demonstrates one more pitfall of voucher programs. 

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