Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Is This Your School Board?

This was passed along to me as a screenshot of a reply on Facebook. I know who the individual is, and this is not my first encounter with their work. But I'm not interested in targeting the individual; what I really want you to look at is the ideas and attitude included.

Here's the reply:

I'd have to disagree with you on this one. So called "educators" that are introducing students to homosexuality are the ones that need arrested.

All of these students that turn homosexual or transgender come from broken homes. They are hurting people. They are looking for hope, but what they are being offered is a life of misery. They are searching for fulfillment that they will never find without Jesus.

Brainwashing teachers need locked up. They take advantage of hurting kids and ruin their lives. Hurting kids need help. True help. 

This is one of those ideas that won't die, the notion that nobody is born LGBTQ, but rather all LGBTQ persons were "recruited," probably as children, and probably because they were already messed up. 

Another post from this person:

Yes, my voting as an elected official is based off my faith in God. The only foundation for truth is in the Bible. Nothing makes sense without God. Education has no value without first establishing a basis of truth--the Bible.


This person is a school board member, and their misinformation and personal version of religion do indeed inform their choices as a board member. And if you're thinking this sounds like your conservative grandfather, well, this is a young person. 

This person is running for re-election in the fall, and they're doing so with a full slate of like-minded candidates, ready to ban some books and clamp down on any teachers who so much as suggest that LGBTQ persons exist (as anything other than twisted and damaged wretches).

Is this person running in your district? If you don't know, you should. Folks of this christianist bent are running all over the country, some with a pleasant mask to cover their radical tilt and some letting their anti-freak flag fly. But elections have consequences, and so does voting on the assumption that school board candidates are uniformly bland and unlikely to have any sort of major effect on what happens in your local schools. 

Is this person running in your district? If you don't know, you should find out before you vote. This is not a season to sleep through one more election.


  1. Sheesh. I have worked with teachers and under admins with similar ideology. It is getting really difficult to navigate on a daily basis. Board members like this are becoming extremely common in Ohio. Many have started to welcome Lifewise Academy into their public schools to teach "the gospel," during school hours. The first "Desantis for President," sign I noticed in the area was in the yard of a local school board member.

  2. Have you seen this Amanda Marcotte article, Peter?