Sunday, February 28, 2016

ICYMI: A Stack for the End of February

We've collected a whole bunch this week, campers. Let's get cracking.

I Don't Want To Be Liberal

Blue Cereal Education tells a story that seems really familiar. Raised to be conservative, inclined to be conservative, and yet, somehow, forced to be a liberal. 

TN(Not)Ready-- What's Really Changed

Tennessee's testing fiasco and the effects of disorganized, change-your-mind accountability

Who's Raking in the Big Bucks in Charterworld

Just how rich are charter school leaders getting on the backs of a small number of students?

Will Competency Based Learning Rescue the Testocracy

Anthony Cody looks at how Competency Based baloney fits into the arc of reformster policy.

Robbing Public Schools to Pay Private Charters

Former lawmaker Paula Dockery takes on a proposed Florida bill intended to steal more public tax dollars to enrich private schools.

How Charters Get the Students They Want

This Stephanie Simon piece is from three years ago, but it's still essential reading. A vivid picture of just how charters can rig the admission process so that they get only the students they want while still looking as if they're open to all.

Seventh Grade Reflections on Stereotypes and Assumptions

Brief but poignant-- what seventh graders know about the assumptions they are painted with by others.

No, You Cannot Test My Child

Daniel Katz runs the table on arguments that his child should be tested, batting each one down. Perfect reading for anyone psyching themselves up to take the opt-out plunge.

A Light Moment in Senate Ed Committee-- and Some UNlight Reading 

Claudia Swisher catches the OK ALEC crowd trying to deal with someone appropriating their terminology. And she adds an outstanding reading list about vouchers programs.

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