Tuesday, January 12, 2016


To: The Little People
From: Your Betters

We can just about taste sweet victory in what we're calling the "teacher freedom" case, and what better name for it? Because it's all about freedom.

Teachers need to be freed from requirements to support the unions (In fact, all pubic workers need freedom from their unions). All across the country, teachers have been begging to work more hours. They yearn for the freedom to be paid as little as employers want to pay them. They long for a manager to grab them in his big strong arms and tell them how it's going to be, without some dumb union jumping in and trying to interrupt with stupid talk of "rules" and  "fairness." (Our little joke here at Betterocracy HQ is that the unions are big Koch-blockers.)

We hear the complaints that this case could end up weakening the unions, and to that we say-- duh! Of course. That's the point. Unions should be weaker, because the whole point of unions is to gather together a bunch of you weak little people and give you as much power as your Betters-- and that is a violation of the proper order of things. If you little people deserved to be powerful, you would be. Unions are a violation of the natural order of things. Forming a union is just cheating, and it saps power away from those of us who are supposed to have it to exercise without Little People getting in our way.

That is why we fight for freedom throughout America. We are trying to free poor people from the tyranny of welfare, because having money infringes on their freedom to be poor. Buying food infringes on their freedom to be hungry. Welfare and other government support are taking away poor people's freedom to experience the consequences of their poverty. We have fought for freedom in "Right To Work" states so that workers can have the freedom to be hired and fired for whatever reason their Betters concoct. We have suspended democratically-elected boards and governing bodies so that people can enjoy the freedom to be led by their Betters without any confusing "voting." And we want to give families the freedom to choose whatever school their Betters decide they deserve.

True freedom comes when you Little People no longer have to jostle and argue with each other, but can simply relax and enjoy the blissful freedom that comes when society is organized and run by those of us who are Better. A truly Free society is one in which the people who have proven their Betterness are free to exercise their judgment, for everybody, without being hindered by the Little People who simply don't know what's best for them. Little People should be weak and voiceless; Betters should be in charge. That's what true freedom is about.

When all of this has settled, you will thank us for putting the nation back in its proper order. You will be grateful that we made it easier to silence the people who don't deserve a voice in politics and policy. You will feel the peace that comes with knowing that all decisions will be made by the people who should make them, and who will so richly and benevolently reward you with pay, job security, and and benefits as They see fit. You will not experience the stress and turmoil that comes from trying to act as if you, collectively or individually, are your Betters equals. Then you will be truly free.

You're welcome,

Your Betters


  1. Orwellian. Evokes Animal Farm. Chapeau, Peter. I tip my hat.

  2. Sadly many people will be okay with this as long as they have their bread (cheap consumer items) and circuses (cable tv, wi-fi, etc.).

  3. Even the lawyer for the complainant couldn't help himself, saying - in so many words - that it would be nice to stick it to Democrats by taking away the power of unions (who tend to support Democratic candidates).