Tuesday, July 22, 2014

NY Poll Delivers Bad News For CCSS

Sienna College Research Institute conducted a poll of 774 likely registered NY voters regarding the upcoming elections. Most of the results are predictably unremarkable. Actually, all of them are unremarkable if you've been paying attention. But if, like David Weigel at Slate, you'd bought the storyline of Common Core opposition as a "fringe" position, then there is news for you in this poll.

The Common Core is losing in New York State.

In total, 13% of voters didn't know enough or just didn't have an opinion.

39% said implementation should be continued.

49% said the Core should be stopped.

If CCSS were a candidate, it would be calling an emergency meeting of its election team right now.

The poll information breaks down in some interesting ways. Broken down by parties, GOP and Independents oppose the Core. Democrats support it 47%- 40%.

Broken down by political spectrum, liberals support it. Moderates and conservatives do not.

Broken down by regions of the state, CCSS is beloved in NYC (52% to 34%) but fails in all other parts of the state.

Broken down by ethnicity, the Core is in a dead heat with Latinos and is overwhelmingly supported by African Americans (60% to 25%).

Broken down by age group, CCSS comes closest to winning the 35-54 group. It flat out fails in all others.

Broken down by religion, it's a dead heat with Protestants and Other, has slight support from Jewish voters, and is solidly opposed by Catholics.

Broken down by income, CCSS is dead even in the less-than 50K  crowd, and loses in the other divisions.

Union affiliation did not help. In non-union head of household..um..households, it lost 46% to 42%. With union households, it was stomped 57%-34%.

For "Don't have enough information," Jewish and Republican voter categories topped at 10%. Among Latino voters, 0% considered themselves insufficiently informed.

Yes, it's a small poll that was primarily focused on other matters entirely. But if it can wake up David Weigel, it can wake up a few other people, too. CCSS opposition (for the sixty gazillionth time) is NOT simply a bedbug of the tin hat crowd, and it's not just a problem of politics. New York State is not some wild wacky flyover territory live Utah that snooty Easterners can dismiss with a wave of their well-manicured, latte-holding hands. I don't care what your prejudices and biases are about people-- they won't explain away these results.

There are many people, many kinds of people, who don't like Common Core.

And for the rest of us, this poll is more information about where the message about this corporate driven reformy stuff is not getting through.

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  1. One of the many goals of the NYS Stop Common Core movements is to get more information out to the "I don't knows".

    Today, Teachout and Astorino held a joint press conference to highlight the corruption of Cuomo's administration. Three candidates for NYS Governor are running against Common Core.

    This is going to be a very interesting NYS election season.